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Rendling-Human Chimeric Event - Log #31

What do you mean, only one survivor? This institution had over 50 different staff members! We had guards! Hell, the Army even lends us soldiers on the regular! How in He'ans name did only one person survive -- and just some random nurse at that?
— Han Kerian, Director of Keyazcallen Catalurgical Advancement
  This report is an interview of the sole survivor of the worst chimeric event Keyazcallen has seen in 15 years. The chimeric event resulted in large scale destruction of the Azca Wastes home of Catalurgic Progress, which prompted the rebuild and renovation of the facility.   The rendling-human chimera was eventually tracked down and neutralized by the Keyazcallen Military with minimal harm done to surrounding civilization. While the work the Military did was admirable, the low amount of excess damage was thanks largely to the fact that the Azca Wastes are exceedingly sparsely populated.  
Should the reader of this document be confused or lost at any point, a primer of reading material has been suggested. Champ Winstar's Catalurgy and YOU!, while an unfinished book containing only 1 chapter, serves as a perfect introduction to Catalurgy and the surgery required for it.
Catalurgy and YOU!
Tradition / Ritual | Jan 3, 2024

The field of Catalurgy is dangerous, mysterious, and exceedingly exciting. Join the late Champ Winstar as he takes you through a short but informative journey through what it means to be a beginner Catalurgist.

No, I don't know why we don't have our own copy of that note from the book. Yes, I'm aware the publishing company for that book is called "MYTHS, THE OCCULT, AND MORE - TRUTHFULLY REAL BOOKS LTD". It's been deemed the best primer on Catalurgy, and thus we use it. Make sure there's one in every library.
— Han Kerian, Director of Keyazcallen Catalurgical Advancement
Report, Scientific
Ryl Anskies / Mattheis Pozin
  Ryl Anskies has been unable to be reached for further comment. His whereabouts are currently unknown, and reasons for being hidden are also unknown. Ryl is known for being an astute nurse with a fantastic memory, and has been relied on a few times prior to provide accurate recollections of events he witnessed.
I have a few more... questions for Ryl, if you end up finding him. Put out a "detain on site" notice, please.
— Han Kerian


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Mar 3, 2020 01:41 by Morgan Biscup

What I could read of this article sounded interesting. Unfortunately I couldn't read much of the document as for some reason I can't scroll down at all, but the top part was cool and I could see a bit of the top of the figure which has me intrigued.  

This report was is an interview of the sole
You seem confused about tense here, with the double verb.

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Mar 3, 2020 17:02 by Stormbril

Ahha! I changed the opening quote a few times, and seems I entirely missed fixing the beginning of it. Thanks for pointing that out!   As for the document not working, that's weirrrd. I'll spend some time here trying to get that figured out! I wonder what bit of CSS I'm doing is messing with that... thanks for pointing it out as well :)

Mar 3, 2020 18:29 by Stormbril

I fixed it, I believe! The weird unable to scroll the document part, that is!

Mar 3, 2020 18:32 by Morgan Biscup

Yay! Now I can read it.

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Sep 26, 2022 15:40 by Catoblepon

What the hell? How did Ryl survive?!

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