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A Castrovel Adventure: Part 3, Chapter 62

In which Lady Vaeol appeals to her family, even as she sets her plan in motion.

From the Daylog of Vaeol-Zheieveil Yaranevae be’Son
5. Evelae, 24,542 - Aroad Southward to Son   Tonight we camp on the tree-paths while making good speed homeward, and will reach Son tomorrow. This is not a way I know well, though I have minded every stride along, for I forethink I shall come this way again.   Some whits from yesternight at Hivaea: Erymi and Tesine stay at Hivaea, for they would stay so near to Oshis as they can. Zheye also stays, and will bear word back and forth to Elahat, for children can easily jump a boat and betread the town without anyone recking. Lady Sael will send word to her friend in Elahat to seek help.   That night, I dreamed: I was Oshis, only I was not alone. Lady Erenyae writhed over me, glorying in idleness, which I felt through her mindshare, though also an odd wall, as if I was withtholding. I also felt her trying to steal through...   I awoke yelling and sobbing, giving Remaue a nasty fright, and my antennae aching forwhy they shuddered so hard. Back in my own mind, jealousy overtook that Lady Erenyae has claimed Oshis. Shamefully my shout woke the others. So I had no choice but to outlay my dreamsight. We yaysaid it likely true from the ~Komori’s bond with Oshis. I ended weeping in Erymi’s arms, who took the news grimly, though more soothly. ~Si zayadis rallastra o’soare,~ - “You did bid him to wait near her,” she wryly reminded.   I could not gainsay her thought, though I would share so little with that evil wife as I could. While Erymi mislikes Erenyae meddling with her manmate, she reckons he will fare better with gaining her goodwill. Yet I had a worse thought: what if she gets bechild, and what if my child becomes kin with hers? That forethought bedreadens me.   The more timely plight, however, is that Lady Erenyae will use their love-bouts to read his mind, and so inseech that we drive at something less than goodwill toward her bargain. Erymi besoothed me, telling that Oshis is cannier than I fear, and not mind-weak, as outproven by his Shota-ridership. If he wishes a secret hidden, she beread, he will keep it.   Against her forsoothness, I slept wantsomely the last nighttide. Today we fared long and swiftly, with will to reach Son tomorrow. While I write, Hanos has snuggled to my breast and is dozing. With my new wifehood, I find the Korasha beholden of new inthrift toward me.     6. Evelae - Son   Late homecome after dusktide, and right ere the gate shut, at which we were relieved, for time is quick. We found nighmost the whole household gathered, who gladly hailed us. Even Lady Taiase waited, whom Istae had brought to duskmeal. Also there was Kaure, who waited meekly. Krastaes told he had foreseen that Erymi would unlikely come home. So he and Istae had settled with Lady-Captain to yield the Flaghold. A sorry loss. Yet rooted in our foresight, I reckon it best. As Erymi’s steadholder, this alet Kaure to come home. Though we had left on good word, I worried my fare to find Oshis and claim his blessing, and without her, might upset her. When I held her tight, I got wit that she worried samely of me.   Swiftly we gave news of Elahat and Lady Erenyae’s threat, of which all yaysaid the grimness. We forespoke we must win his freedom, and also his comeback to Son. Our work begins tomorrow.     7. Evelae   Yesterday’s long dayfare left little time for idleness, which brought us early to bed, though not until Kaure and I held reckonship. I had left her behind when I sought Oshis, and she had stayed, from her own guilt at his banship. Rightly I feared she felt forsaken, and would make mend-boot.   My ~Korashe~ maidenmate has suffered so much, and so loves much more deeply and hopelessly. I knelt and laid head on her pillowlike bosom. I could not tell, but could only try to make her feel in mindshare her dearness I hold. I could not wish enough that I had wanted her with me, as we had ere foremeant upon my bridetide, that she might share my bliss, and furthermore that she become my child’s mate-mother. My wish made her weep, and I could not kiss her enough to offstay tears. At last Remaue and I led her to bed between us, where I cradled her brow abreast and stroked her hair and antennae.   Today began busily. I first went to the Citadel, with Remaue and Krastaes ahost, where I sought hearth with Lady-Captain. Cheerily she welcomed me back, though I caught a queer tightness bewaring. Instead of guessing her worry, I straightly asked what berecked. Grimly she smiled, and told Lady-Mother had come and spoken, and wishes to see me come back to my reeveship at the Citadel. By hint, added Lady-Captain, she would see me forsake Oshis’s business and go onward.   I stared at her, and also read the reckful look she showed, of someone hiding her thoughts. I asked what other speech she had had with Lady-Mother. ~Osa-ma si ollodya Maeile-mei.~ - “This business is best left between you and your Lady-Mother,” she answered evenly. I reckoned Lady-Captain while she gazed back. Even without reading her thought, I read worry and weariness. I could merely guess what speech had spent between her and my mother. Yet I deemed it ill.   Right then Master-Captain incame and against all couthness lifted me in a crushing Korasha-hug. He overgladdened at my wellness, and also asked after Oshis. I answered he is so well as he can. Then I asked what word they have of Elahat, else than I already know. Lady-Captain asked whether he is there. I yaysaid, and then added that he has fallen under Lady Erenyae’s hold. They both bemoaned this stead. Though we did not speak of my furlough or comeback to duty, Lady-Captain wished me luck in dealing with my business, both my kindred and my forbanned manlove. I reckon they full-wit my knot-riddle, though they withhold help. It hurts, though I beguilt them not.   While we left Krastaes at the Citadel, Remaue and I headed next to Dale Street and my lady-sister Raiale’s house. There we waited shortly, for the groom told she was soon forelooked to come from the Matrons’ Hall, which outshowed true. Raiale greeted us rather forecaughtly, since kinderly I do not outseek my sisters. We spent some short while playing with my nieces and nephews, wherein she also shared good news that she is again bechild. Then she bade the children to her wifemate’s heed and led us to her sunderyard.   I thanked Raiale for her hearth, and then told we were right come from Elahat, where we had afterlooked our banned manlove’s welfare, and now are again come to beseech Lady-Mother. I shrove this feud hurts me more than I can bear (which is true). Yet I stayed stuck, for I cannot forsake a housemate fordoomed of a sin he did not. Raiale took my word and asked what speech I have lately had with Lady-Mother. I shrove we have not spoken since my illness, though I would mend that breach, and even hence would go straightway. This word gladdened her, though she warned that we both know our mother when such mood overtakes, and she will unlikely shift mind. I yaysaid, and added it makes this feud even sorrier.   She then asked what help I would ask, and even whether I wished her fellowship to this moot. I thanked her, but deemed to speak with Lady-Mother alone, although I added that, if we cannot reach peace now, I would welcome any toward rede.   Raiale blessed my beseech, and also bade me think kindly on Lady-Mother, who she beread had behaved out of love and fear for my welfare. I yaysaid and thanked her. Remaue and I left with Raiale’s goodwill. Ever, even while my youthtide, she was my kindlier sister. Yet I also foreknew that all our words she would swiftly shoot to Risodess.   We next went to my mother’s house, where we waited a half-belltide ere the groom ushered us to her sunderroom. There sat my mother with wordrits scattered over her desk; the slide-door right shut while her thanes left. She rose not, but was watching when we came in. My heart churned manifoldly, as I reckon hers did too, and I dared not tell all my thoughts, for I feared I would yield to wildness. We did not near, nor kiss, nor even try to find mindshare.   She sat straight in her seat, calves thwarting, back straight as any queen. ~Si ruassadise.~ - “So you are come home,” she quoth merely. Only her hands tightened on the seat’s arms.   I yaysaid and told we had come from Elahat, where I had found Oshis. If the gods are giftful, I added, I am bechild. She took this news evenly, though slight underflows I could not read. Whether relief I had not again fallen to the ~Komori~ or ungladness I had followed through to Oshis - maybe both - I could not tell.   She stayed wordless. I neared and knelt before her feet. I told I am healed, the hurt is behind, and we can together go forth in welfare. Surely, I asked, we can also forgive a man who bears no guilt, and did nothing mindful but worship me.   Almost I hoped, against foreknowledge, that she would yield.   ~Di illame,~ - “I will not,” she answered.   I bestrove that the sin was faded, and that she has an ownership as High-Matron to uplift fairness. Chillingly she spoke she would not undeem what she has deemed. ~Tas diyamodomas~ - “That man is your misluck.” she outquoth, and outlaid that twice I have suffered from his misdeed, even if thoughtless. ~Di si ronm o’hiadeni,~ - “I will not so let you again.” I answered that belief does not make it right. She added that towardly when I become a mother, I will understand. I cast back she should yield better proof than toward wit. I then asked if she would have a grandchild fatherless, at which she reckoned my child will have house-fathers enough and worthy.   I bade her tell whether she would forsake her own housemate if so becursed. When she faltered, I told Oshis has fallen under Lady Erenyae’s sway, who had already shown her will to use him and beheave me. Then I outbade whether her heart would settle so easily under knowledge that he suffers for my behalf, and under her curse. Grimly she looked, and then quoth: ~Ti diahi eiesime. Illathya diyam, oeo’dizimi thaes, a Uthe-me. O’olloni doveaese.~ - “I cannot think on that. I hold not his dearth, and neither do you, Daughter. You would do better to forget him.”   At her word, war-mind overtook, enwed Remaue, and even more queerly little Lanaryel in her arms. Unsoothly I wondered at her baby-mind gathered with ours, ready to work wrath, even while I stood. ~Vi, a Mae, saea dolomya diyam.~ - “Then, Mother,” we spoke in time, with Lanaryel’s coo matching our tone, even without the words: “I have nothing more to say.” Without a bow I headed and marched out, with Remaue and the babe falling in with me.   We made it from the house and to the heartyard ere I let war-mind fade. Then Lanaryel, overflooded by my naked heart, wailed. Almost I did as well and started shuddering as sorrow overtook. Warily Remaue watched and put hand to my back until I sat against the yardtree’s thick beam while she tried to soothe our babe.   Even though I had foreknown this outcome, still I had hoped my mother would yield. Now I forelook forsaking the soul I have loved all my life, who is share to me more than anyone. Remaue sat beside bywardly gave me Lanaryel to hold after the babe soothed. I let her baby-smell and blitheness overwhelm me. I felt her ruth, for even at her youngest years she would ease my sorrow. At last we rose and headed homeward, while I reckoned that all my forereadiness had fallen together, and now I can work my next stroke.


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