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The frosted tower

Standing proud atop the frost goblin outpost is this ancient lighthouse of dwarven construction. It has stood here for hundreds of years, and its maintenance is a sacred tradition. The lighthouse is a beautiful thing with skilfully engineered parts, and a remarkably large glowing spellstone as its lamp. When properly operated the lighthouse may produce dazzling shows of many colours across the sky. In regular use it can act as a lighthouse or send messages to corresponding towers across the coast of the mainland.

Purpose / Function

This lighthouse was initially built to serve as a warning and communication beacon for the dwarven city of thrurin. However in the present day it may serve the goblin cities of the ballans too. The lighthouse is of great aid to any wishing to visit the frost goblin outpost from either coast.


At the time of the lighthouse's construction there were special inhibitors built into the gearing of the lighthouse. These had not been a part of the original design but were hastily added late in the construction. This was done in order to limit its potential usefulness to the goblins (both islanders and the mainlanders) however this later proved to not only be ineffectual against limiting the power of the goblins, but disadvantageous to the commanding dwarves. The resulting sneak attacks on the outpost and the heightened risk of mechanical failure in the lighthouse are what ultimately lead to the inhibitors being removed and a peace treaty being struck between dwarves and goblins.


The style of the building is distinctly dwarven, a sturdy stone construction inlaye with delicate bronze. The lighthouse lamp itself is powered by a remarkable spellstone able to produce multicoloured light, which greatly expands the signalling abilities of the lighthouse. A geared system of sliding rods allows thin shafts of light to be cast in any direction, the mechanics of it are mesmerising to watch even without the accompanying lightshow.
Parent Location

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