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All magic is born from life, and there is no life greater than the earth itself. Spellstones, are earth's life manifest, and are like a magical fuel, propelling endeavours forward with their energy. The stones are essential to the practice of most magic arts, due to them serving as a substitute for one's own life force. Most other forms of magic likely require someone or something to die, so borrowing a little life-magic from the earth feels far more responsible


Material Characteristics

Spellstones have a wide variety of forms, however, they are most often round and amber in colour. An average spellstone is about the size of a golfball, although a marble size is not uncommon. Typically the more potent the stone the more obvious it appears, glowing, radiating energy, hovering, killing those who touch it...

Physical & Chemical Properties

Spellstones are essential to most forms of magic. Growing in various shapes and sizes, spellstones are full of magic, and some may be particularly attuned to a specific purpose. Common amber-like spellstones are good for general use, but scarlet stones hewn from volcanic rock are better for firey ends. Spellstones exude hints as to their nature, with there location of origin and their varied characteristics.


They may be found embedded into weapons, staves, wands, or apparel. Particularly large stones may be installed in buildings

Geology & Geography

They are found underground throughout land and sea. Pearls and corals may naturally form as spellstones in the sea. Elsewhere they are mined or dug. Spellstones are likely absent from the black lake and surrounding area, not that anyone would survive searching for them in that area anyway,

Life & Expiration

Spellstones can expire, average stones can survive 30 years of passive use or 3-5 active uses. Expired stones lose any lustre and will easily crumble like chalk or clay. If well kept particularly useful stones can be revived by a specialist with a more potent stone.

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