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Desire can take many forms within the oceans of eternal want. This ocean is known and unknown by many names, though some have come to know it as Eternus. Endless waves reflect the hearts of countless beings as they flow and collide in a chaotic dance that steps into great pleasures and terrible agonies alike. The wave that flows before you now is called Carpus, though many other names can exist alongside this perception of reality. Within this wave, there is a question that gives rise to five more questions. These questions have many answers, yet only one answer truly matters. Five and one questions open their palm to you, reaching out from your heart to grasp what you seek. If you desire Carpus to take hold of you in its firm grasp then yield to its power. Explore the five and one questions as they expand your desires to heights and depths that you have previously only dreamed of. Come, dear traveler, for The Hand Of Carpus, awaits you. A word of caution though before Carpus embraces you. Sometimes in order to create, you must also destroy.   The Eternus reveals...