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Crystal Magic

What is Crystal Magic

Even before the first Crystal Witch called upon the magic hiding in the crystal, people noticed that the crystal stones were special. But when the first Crystal Witch Karianne called upon the magic in the crystal, the humans begun to value the crystals more and more. Every type of Crystal has its own type of magic. Over time, some Crystal Witches specialized in one type of magic and crystal. So the clans and the villages were formed. Only a rare few can call upon the magic in crystals not on their bodies.  

Type and magic of Crystal


The most common color is blue, but they also come in gray and white. The type of magic ties to the element of water. The witches when holding the crystal can draw water from the air and plants towards them, or the snow and ice. And snow is always present in the blue mountains, where the Sodalite Village was standing and the Sodalite Clan lived and studied. The Crystal Witches of the Sodalite can make water to freeze up and liquid again. They also can make the water boil, only this is a rare talent. Unlike with other crystals, the magic of the Witches is not effected by the color of the crystal.


The most common color is transparent, but they also come in pink, green, yellow and rare black. The type of magic ties to the element of electricity. A full studied witch can call up a lighting storm. But a student of the clan, A Maiden of Diamond, can only call a single lighting bolt. The witches who are using the crystal are more warriors than scholars, they are learning to use their magic to attack and defend those without. The color of the electricity is tied to the color of the diamond.
"As you have just seen, this black diamond produces black electrical sparks. Transparent white and so on."
— Casandra, Witch of Diamond
Diamond magic is difficult to learn because the source of the magic is not only in the diamonds, but also in the witch. Diamonds are found on the edge of the Opal forest, near the sapphire sea.


The most common color is yellow, but they also come in orange, red and light brown. The type of magic that is tied to the element of fire. The Crystal Witches can make flames in the color of the color of the crystal, but the need to learn to control the flames. This means not only a focus of the mind and control over their own breath, it is also vital not to practice in a field during drought. The Amber's are found in the Obsidian mountains near the Obsidian volcano. The Volcano charges the crystals, the Crystal Witches of the Amber Clan collect the crystals after a volcanic eruption.


The most common color is light green, but also comes in light blue and pink. The type of magic tied to the crystal is the element of air. A Crystal Witch of the Chrysophrase Clan can make with the help of a crystal a soft breeze and a big storm. But the Witches are careful with calling upon the magic in the crystals. The crystal is found in the rainforest of the content.


There in no common color of the crystal, all colors are found in the same amount. The crystal hides in large pieces of rock Crystal Witches of the Agate think that this is why the stone effects the earth. The element of the Agate is earth, a Crystal Witch can make the earth tremble and even can control some rough metals. Which have traces of earth in it, but only in small amounts. The Agate can be found all over the continent.


There are two colors of moonstone, black and white. Both of the crystal has its own type of magic. With a white moonstone, a Crystal witch of the Moonstone Clan can cast light, even in the darkest of nights. With a black moonstone, a Crystal Witch can dim the brightest light.
"The brights light, even the sun?" Asked a young Griael to her mother, her mother frowned a bit.   "I don't know, nobody has tried it yet. But please don't try this, the sun is something we all need."   The grown up Griael nodded to the memory of her mothers, but looked then to the sun. She had a large black moonstone in her hands.
The moonstones are found in the moonlight desert.


This crystal comes in various shades of purple and green. The magic of this crystal is very strange, and not many Crystal Witches are drowned to it. The magic can corrupt living material, but with the help of silver the also can clench the corruption.
"Our leader, enchanted the gate so we will be normal here. We know she is the reason we are what we are, but still she made up for it."
The Crystal is found on the Black Grasslands near the black lake.


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