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Carma City

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Philadelphia will never be the same. In this case it will never be the same name either.   Carma City rose out of the ashes of a cataclysmic event that decimated 40% of Philadelphia. The mundanes called it The Cleansing. An act of god that struck down the city as a result of the city's inhabitants bathing luxuriously in the seven deadly sins for the last decade. It was a punishment and a chance for rebirth.   What the mundanes didn't know was that The Cleansing was the result of a magical battle between 2 witch covens. The battle activated the already strained nexus of leylines that ran through Fairmount Park causing an explosion of force and an earthquake that tore through the city. The covens are not only responsible for the destruction of the city, but the few minutes the glamour fell for magicals exposing them to the world.   Now, 20 plus years later the city is mostly healed physically, but the repercussions of that night are still being dealt with by mundanes and magicals alike. The mundanes are more fearful now that magicals have been revealed and sometimes fear makes you do stupid things. The magicals power structure fell with the city that night. Many of the groups have been vying for power over the last 20 years, but none have held it for long.   Step into the world of Carma City and the many stories that are yet to be told.