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Captain Viteri the Valiant

Ellil Dagon Viteri

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ellil Viteri grew up in a small village on the Zadil tributary of the Smara River. As the son of a master silversmith, he gained many business and social skills early in life. He was the youngest of six children and had four brothers and one sister. His early life was a hard but wonderful one and through the rest of his life he looked back on this time fondly.


Ellil began his education in the first and secondary schools of his village. After reaching the highest level of education he could at home, he moved to the capital to work. Rather than taking up an apprenticeship like some of his brothers, he worked as a clerk in his uncle's book store. During this time he also attended free lectures and demonstrations at several local schools. Following the death of his uncle, he went to a military academy, where he spent four years and graduated with high honors and a spot in the Royal Gaurd.


Although he began his working career as a clerk, Viteri never considered this a potential career and gladly moved on. In the Royal Guard, he quickly rose in the esteem of his superiors and was quickly promoted. Despite this quick promotion, Viteri spent a long time in the middle levels of the guard completely unknown to the royal family. This all changed when he saved the youngest princess, Princess Vivien Amora, from drowning in a pond on her uncle's estate. Viteri was immediately brought into the royal family's eye and was promoted again, this time to Captain of the Guard of the Princess. This was not the last of his big promotions though. Four years later, Princess Vivien Amora and Prince Vincent Artair moved south to live with their uncle. Viteri and a small part of the Royal Guards traveled with them to the castle but were sent packing almost immediately after their arrival. Back at the capital, Viteri brought the plight of these now semi-unemployed guards to the king and many of them were promoted to the king's own guard for their faithful service. This Guard was where he spent the rest of his career as the Captain of the Guard of the King.   Captain Viteri's most well-known act and his greatest sacrifice, was also his last. In the year 1012 AnCog, King Alberic Torren went on a tour of the Isendreen Coast. On the final day of the tour, a ceremony was being held to open a new public library in the small city of Drisden. As the ceremony ended and people began to wander into the library there was a shout from the crowd that they were under attack. Panic ensued, and in the midst of it, a man in a nearby building shot an arrow at the king. Quickly the King's guards surrounded him at Viteri's order, but before he had time to shield himself from the arrow, the captain was hit. Complete and utter chaos ensued. Although the captain was rushed to the nearest hospital, he died of blood loss several hours later.   After Viteri's death, the criminal was caught and hung for murder and treason. To this day Captain Viteri is remembered as a great hero, and a statue of his was erected in front of the Drisden Library. His sacrifice for his king and country is often used as an example to prospective members of the Royal Gaurd and his dying words are often quoted in this capacity.
To die for king and country is the only death for the Guard that must know their purpose has been fulfilled.
— Captain Viteri of the Royal Guard
Date of Birth
28 of Judari, 969 AnCog
969 AnCog 1012 AnCog 43 years old


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