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12th of Hyson, 1917

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The continent of Calradia is, and always has been, a land of turmoil. The first age, the age of myths, has by the current day long come and gone. The first age was a time of monsters, of dark beings in all corners of the world. The realms were governed only by the constant wars, whims, and machinations of the Daemon princes of the Dark City of Nagarond. They raised populations of beings of all races to suit their needs, to worship them and follow their every command. Countless beings were born, fought, and died for the interests of evil beings beyond their control. As described in the writings of Saint Alesia, "In the grim darkness of the ancient past, there was only war".   It was also in the first age, and prior, where the prevalence of monsters and fey magic was at it's zenith. In all of the dark, uninhabited, or distant corners of the continent, the creations of the Goddess of the Fey would grow and multiply, unleashing themselves on the rest of the world. Even the Daemons had to fight them, though often they would relish the combat and slaughter their armies inflicted and received from the monstrous hordes. In future ages these monstrous forces would be pushed back further and further, to the point where many people had never seen even a minor monstrous creature. Their presence will never fully disappear though, and many still warn their children not to go to the deep places where few men tread.   The Second Age, the Age of the Holy Ascension, was precipitated by the intervention of the Father of the Saints of Order, Godric "The Father of the gods of Light". Supported by three of his angels, and a human who was once a champion of the Daemon Princes, Godric defeated the Daemon Prince Aloth who ruled the dark City of Naggarond. As Godric smote Aloth, Naggarond was driven deep down into the earth as an iron nail is driven deep into wood. He closed the earth over the evil place, raising a high mountain in its place, and in one movement of his hand formed the Holiest City of Nazzareth from the mountain itself. From the very stone of the Mountain, a light shone across the land which cleansed the people of the taint of the Daemon princes, and they came to live in the holy city. In exchange for being faithful to the gods of life, even in service to the Daemon princes, the human champion Sigvard, was gifted a holy sword by Godric and made king of the holy city of Nazzareth in the year 1186. From here, Sigvard and his descendants waged holy wars against the forces of the Daemon princes in Calradia, eventually officially forming the Calradian Empire.   The Third Age began in the year 1493 as the Calradian empire spread to every corner of the continent, The Calradian empire spanned North to the Dark Sea, East to the World's Edge Mountains, South to the edge of the never-ending sands, and West to the Great Leviathan's Ocean. It was during this time that the peace was upheld in the empire for the longest time. Monsters were hunted to near extinction, daemonic presence was exorcised from the lands, and peace reigned across the empire. However, over time the people of the different lands became unique, they adapted to the lands they inhabited, and began speaking oddly and forming unique traditions. Despite their differences, the holy light of the sword Durendal in the hands of the heirs of Sigvald held the empire together in unity for centuries.   For reasons as yet unknown, the light of the city of Nazzareth dimmed in the year 1873, and almost immediately discord descended upon the empire. The Divine Right to Rule of the line of Sigvald ( now known as the Line of God-Kings), was in question. The North was invaded and conquered by the heathen raiders known as the "Vaegirs". The Westfold was conquered by the Swadians, a people who came from across the Leviathan's sea, and who partnered with the local peoples to build an independent feudal monarchy with an aristocratic elvish class and a peasant Human class. The Sand Peoples of the Aserai asserted their independance from the empire, as a self-sufficient trading entity. The Island of Illyria cast out it's imperial overlords, asserting their independence through their uncanny magical powers and power over the tides and winds. Finally, the Kingdom of Battania proclaimed their allegiance to the "old gods", and refused the orders of their imperial governors, ambushing the imperial garrisons within their borders.   In the wake of this, the Emperor was killed under suspicious circumstances, and a crisis of identity descended on the remaining imperial lands. Though De Jure the same empire, the lands have fractured de facto into three kingdoms: the West, East, and Southern Calradian empires. They fight incessantly to regain the past glory of the empire, but in doing so weaken themselves.   It is now the year 1910, 25 years since the division of the Empire. The scholars have dubbed this, the fourth age, the age of strife. Intermittent wars are fought between the powers of the day. Whispers grow about monsters stealing livestock, people in the cities going mysteriously missing, and dark rituals being performed by cults just beyond where the light of the cities shine.