Allison Enters Eden

Metaphysical / Paranormal event

19:05 - 6th October 2003 AD

But something happened to break the monotony. The place became brighter. The blackness held a hint of green, and a warmth hit her bare skin as if in bright sunlight, making her realise the gradual disappearance of her clothes. The green intensified and separated out into blue above and a splattering of brown’s around her. Detail crept into the vision revealing a vague orchard under a spring sky streaked with clouds. She stood up to look at the new world and felt a dirt path beneath her bare feet. Grass grew at the edge of the road, wild, but well kept. She made out blossom forming on the trees and the patterns in their trunks. Fruit also grew on the branches; ripe red apples, bright oranges, dark figs, all plump and looking delicious. She walked along the path; it was pleasant to touch, smooth and free of sharp stones and sticks. The fruit cocktail filled her nose as she walked past other trees and vines; bananas, grapes, strawberries, raspberries, kiwis. Birds sung overhead and flew from tree to tree singing an angelic chorus. A robin hopped across her path followed by a sparrow, a squirrel, and a mouse, and she watched them disappear into the main plantation.   After wandering and admiring the fantastic place for some time, she came to an enormous tree. Other paths branched from it, leading her to believe it to be a centrepiece. The branches spread over a wide distance, forming a shady canopy a foot above her head. From it hung some fruit, it had the shape of a fig, but the bright red colour of an apple. She held one and felt its soft ripeness.

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