Allison Kidnapped

Life, Crime

23:18 - 15th October 1987 AD

The mysterious Woman attempts to kidnap Allison. Daniel loses his finger. Allison receives her powers.

He stumbled to his feet while the Woman retreated, and he gave chase, slipping in the Mud. The Woman turned and blindly fired another three shots. The last slammed into his left shoulder spinning him around into the Mud. He looked up. The Woman ran along the horizon, too far to catch up with now. But before she disappeared into the darkness, a bolt of Lightning leapt from the heavens and struck her. The figure fell, and he pushed himself up, summoning the energy to get his daughter back. He reached the body and turned it over. It didn’t surprise him when the Woman drew a breath. It didn’t surprise him she displayed no burn marks. It didn’t surprise him that he felt relief she lived. But through the screaming of the Wind, through the growling of the Thunder, and through the thumping of the Rain, it did surprise him when he heard a baby’s cry. He prised his daughter from the arms of the Woman and held her in his own. Tears finally fell as he said her name.   ‘Allison.’

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