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Main Plot

The Seven Act Structure

During the early stages of the first draft, I realized that I was not able to keep up with traditional Chapter structure while writing. I will go back in and divvy the 7 act structure up into chapters, but for writing sake I need to stop stressing about scenes not being long enough.

Enter: The Seven Act Structure

With this structure, I have been able to focus on writing in a way that flows, leaving the plot division for later edits.

The Main Acts of the Seven Act Structure are:
  • The Backstory
  • Some past trauma that affects the character’s attitude and behavior throughout the story
  • The Catalyst
  • Then something kicks things out of balance and gives a new problem or desire
  • The Big Event
  • The effects of the Catalyst. Things are different now, how does the central character react to that?
  • The Midpoint
  • At this point, the central character often becomes fully committed or reaches some kind of point-of-no-return
  • Sometimes the Midpoint is simply a major event close to the middle of the story
  • The Crisis
  • The worst thing that could happen happens
  • The point when all seems lost, and/or the point when the central character faces a crucial decision
  • The Climax
  • The final confrontation
  • The Realization
  • the central character realizes something new about themselves
  • We see evidence of the growth or change
  • Act 1: The Back Story

    What's Haunting Icarus?

    Icarus' time in the Elysian Program:

    Icarus was raised in the Elysian Program under his father Daedalus, the #1 Elysian. He was raised to take Daedalus' place once he graduates, a master of fire and machinery.

    When we first meet Icarus, it's in a dream about this time.

    Icarus' last day in the Elysian Program started off normal, he was watching Achilles and making sure the rascal didn't break anything or get into trouble when Apollon came up to him. He told Icarus that Nyx and Daedalus wanted to see him. An odd request, considering he was off the hook for training due to watching Achilles.

    Icarus leaves for the training room, where Nyx and Daedalus are waiting for him. He goes to grab a weapon to train with, but before he can Daedalus makes his move. You see, his other son (Iapyx), was old enough to begin training and proved to be a natural with the weapons in a way that Icarus never was. This means that Icarus was no longer worth the investment and needed taken care of.

    Icarus, not able to hold his own against the Top Ranked Elysian, ends up losing consciousness. When he awakes next, he's in his bedroom. From here, the clock is ticking.

    Apollon comes and tells Icarus that he needs to get out. Now. So they do! Only Apollon wasn't able to make it out, only Icarus.

    Act 2: The Catalyst

    What Gets Icarus Moving?

    Icarus wakes up from his dream and decides to get some fresh air to help clear his head. He had been waiting for 10 years for Apollon to find him, and in that time he had started collecting information to be used against ATLAS and the Elysian Program.

    On the roof, he has a chance encounter with another Elysian Escapee: Andromeda. Little does he know that this encounter will lead to them becoming an integral part of his life!
    After they part on the roof, Icarus returns to his apartment to see someone had broken in and left a dossier and a letter on his counter. Instead of checking to see what was in the dossier, he went to a bar and got information the old fashioned way.

    After running into Andromeda in the elevator of the apartment building on his way back from the bar, Icarus decides to go to a nearby café and check out what's in the dossier. While in the café he confronted by Andromeda one again, and this time he decides he's too sleep deprived to keep information from her. However, they can't talk about top secret information in public. They agree to meet back at Icarus' apartment to discuss the information.

    Icarus has one last stop to make before heading back to the apartment: his tattoo shop. The owner of the shop was an Ex-Elysian and had ties to the best information networks. He tried not to use the man too often out of respect for him and his new wife, but his apartment being broken into was a serious threat and he needed to know who it was.

    Act 3: The Big Event

    What Changes Icarus' Life?

    After Icarus had left the tattoo parlor, his attention was grabbed by a news cast. Up on the big public televisions was Apollon. He had just earned the #2 rank among the Elysians, dethroning Cassiopeia's 13 year reign.

    Icarus... did not handle this well. Andromeda finds him as he's trying to get back into his apartment and helps calm him down. Afterwards, they make dinner and discuss the information and what their next steps will be. 

    First on the list in getting in contact with the 'Than' that the letter left in his apartment was addressed to. Luckily enough, Thanatos came to them. He let himself in the next morning, making Andromeda and Icarus breakfast while he chastises them on their lack of action in regards to the letter. 

    This brings them to the next phase of their plan:

    Act 4: The Midpoint

    What Is Icarus' Point Of No Return?

    Breaking Achilles out of the Elysian Program.

    All in all, breaking into ATLAS HQ and the dormitory were fairly easy. Especially when you had someone with you who intimately knew the building from his time enrolled in the Elysian Program. This doesn't make it any easier for Icarus, though. Every turn in the hallways is another memory come back to haunt him. 

    They eventually make it to Achilles, though, where it soon becomes apparent that while they didn't have time to go searching today, they would have to go looking for Patroclus. 

    Unfortunately for them there was an obstacle to their escape: Sisyphus. The hulking #3 Elysian and most vile and repulsive mountain of muscle to ever exist. Good news! He doesn't exist anymore once the man makes a disgusting comment about Andromeda! Icarus does not let that shit fly.

    The group gets one nice night (and by nice I mean nightmare filled) before Thanatos decides to reveal that he got an inside source for them: An Elysian. Not just any Elysian, but the current #2 Elysian. Apollon.

    The Midpoint Pt. 2: Electric Boogaloo

    I ended up having to split this section in two because I shoved a lot of shit into the Midpoint, my b

    Planning to extract Patroclus is going as well as it can, with only minor (major) altercations regarding Apollon. turns out working with the love of your life that you now unceremoniously hate is not great for teamwork.

    Eventually, though, they manage to get Patroclus out! It was a very harrowing experience, and they only just managed to save him. Pat ended up bedridden for quite some time after being on the brink of death. Life goes on as normal while Andromeda, Icarus, and Apollon start planning their move against ATLAS as a whole. 

    Achilles slowly becomes more integrated into plans now that Patroclus is healing. He had gotten back his will to fight and contributes greatly to the plans against ATLAS.

    That is, until Patroclus is assassinated. 

    Act 5: The Crisis

    What's The Worst Thing That Can Happen?

    Achilles uh, does not take the death of Patroclus well. He decides to fuck the plan and kill everyone in ATLAS HQ himself. This, however, did not bring Pat back. Drowning in his own grief, Achilles is then assassinated at the hands of Zeus and Paris. 

    However, Icarus does not know this. Icarus and Andromeda set up search parties and scour the city in order to find Achilles to now avail. Throughout this time period, Icarus' hallucinations get worse. In order to deal with them, he isolates himself in his apartment.

    Not only does this Not work, it actively makes the hallucinations worse. So much worse, in fact, that when an assassin breaks in to kill Icarus, he gives in to them. When Icarus realizes what he has done, he takes a step off the roof of his apartment building (or does he?). 

    He ends up being "caught" by Apollon, who then takes time to actually care for Icarus and make sure that everything is okay.

    Perfect timing, too! As Thanatos returns with information and footage proving that not only had Apollon been lying to them, but that he orchestrated Patroclus' and Achilles' deaths. 

    Act 6: The Climax

    The Final Face Off

    In another attempt to gain control of his life, Icarus cuts everyone off. After all, no one can hurt you when you put up 12" thick reinforced steel walls around your heart, right?

    He becomes reckless in his search for information. He no longer has care about what others see him as. He has fully given into the voices and hallucinations.

    This leads to Icarus being labeled a public threat that needs neutralized on sight. On one hand, it felt great to see Daedalus flub around having to announce to the public that not only was his oldest son alive, but that he is the public's #1 enemy. On the other hand, he really doesn't deserve the title of the public's #1 enemy yet.

    Icarus' response to the proclamation is a resounding "Bet." He will become the threat that his father said he was. This leads to a confrontation between Icarus and his little brother, Iapyx. Lots of information comes from this fight, including information about our dear Apollon. This is also when Andromeda and Thanatos make their return to Icarus.

    After the undetermined results of that fight, Icarus is left to recuperate. They don't have long, though, as they know the final fight with Daedalus is coming up. 

    The fight itself is utterly remarkable, and everyone gets split off. This leaves Icarus and Daedalus locked in one on one combat. Icarus eventually gets the upper hand, stabbing and effectively killing Daedalus. When he looks up, he sees Apollon heading towards him. He also feels a blade piece through his abdomen. In his last moments, he mouths to Apollon what he had always wanted to say but never got the chance to.

    Act 7: The Realization

    What Does Icarus Realize?

    I actually do not know exactly how I want to do this section. Our main character and the Point of View of Call Me Icarus is dead. Nothing can change that.

    But what I do know is that he had regrets. He had regrets about the man that we can see falling apart at the seams on the battlefield. He had regrets about the newly found best friend that he just left alone in the world, again. He had regrets about not being able to save the kid. 

    Maybe we get to see the Elysian Program being torn down from the inside by the newly crowned #1 Elysian. Maybe we get to see peace returning to the states now that the authoritarian force is effectively gone. Maybe we even get to see a future where everyone ends up as happy as they can be with the circumstances.

    I'm not sure yet though. I have plenty of time to figure that out.


  • Hallucinations
  • Crows
  • Important beats from Myth
  • Sub-Plots


    Romance is not a main focus of this book, however I would be remiss to leave it fully out given how much I draw from Greek Myth.

    Icarus, after all, was the boy who fell in love with the sun. Only for it to burn him and make him plummet to his death in the sea.

    And that's what we have. Icarus and Apollon are deeply, madly in love with each other. Have been for a long time. At the start of our story, they are 12. They are still trying to figure out what their feelings mean before they are so violently ripped apart for ten years.

    Then, when they are reconnected, things are different. It has been a decade, after all. Icarus is wildly anti-Elysian and Apollon is the new #2 Elysian. They have to navigate what that means for them.

    Another major romance shown in the book is that of Achilles and Patroclus. In my honest opinion, it is frankly a lie to say they weren't lovers in myth. Therefore, they will be lovers in my book.

    Though, their relationship is much more akin to a ward and his handler here. They are the same age, but Patroclus was brought in specifically to deal with Achilles and make sure he complies with the will of ATLAS.

    Even still, they truly love each other. They even planned out what their ideal future would look like! They truly hold a special place in my heart.
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