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What felt like miles below the land above, she took a deep breath as her torch went out. She knew she had taken a wrong turn and was going to be lost in darkness. Moving slowly with her hands against the walls of the subterraining cave, she continued making her way forward. She felt the path move down, and it started to veer to the right. As she rounded the corner, she saw a faint glow from infront of her. As she got closer, she saw it was trapped behind the dirt in the cave wall. She pulled out a hammer from her bag and started to hit at the rocks around. It fell loose. It was no bigger than a child's ball, but it eminated a bright light. She tentatively reached out to touch the stone. No heat seemed to eminate from it. Smiling, she hefted the rock off the ground and threw it up slightly and caught it. Now she could get out of this Godforsaken place.


Material Characteristics

Everlight is an opaque stone found deep below the surface of the earth. It emits a constant, bright light. It is quite dense and thus difficult to carry around. A 2 inch ball of Everlight weighs about 5 pounds. There are a variety of shades that can be found.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Everlight is cool to the touch and emits no heat. It is quite strong and has never been known to stop glowing.

Geology & Geography

It is not exceptionally rare, but it's natural depth makes it difficult to mine in bulk. It has found mostly in the Dwarven mines of Then Dorahl, though it is hypothesised it could be found in many locations if one were to dig deep enough.

History & Usage


Perhaps the most well known use of Everlight is in the The Library of Lantana, where the Dwarves of Then Dorahl provided enough Everlight to light the entire library in exchange for every Dwarven text the library held.


Trade & Market

Everlight is only purchased in large quantities as a symbol of status. Everlight trinkets are popular in the Lantana Bazzar, where miniscule sections of Everlight are set into necklaces or bracelets. One still pays upward of a few gold for a simple trinket.
A two-inch ball of Everlight costs upwards of 30 gold pieces, depending on the hue of the stone.

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