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Mana-Null Jade

If my colleagues would spend as much time on their research as they did worrying about mana-null jade we would know twice as much as we do now.
— Chancellor Ikki Deepseer
The mines beneath Heliond are rich in jade, and the green stone is one of the continent's most common exports. Very rarely, however, a small deposit of jade may demonstrate an unusual interaction with magic. Visually identical to normal jade, this 'mana-null' jade is entirely impervious to and unaffected by direct magical effects. Most people upon hearing of this incredible substance get rather excited about its possibilities, but certain facts rather limit its usefulness.
Mana-null jade is extremely rare, and its crystals almost always small - rarely more than an inch or two long. Additionally, while the jade itself is immune to all known magic, it does not confer that benefit to a person holding it. It can disrupt more delicate spells it comes into contact with, but that is unreliable and situational. The jade is thus near-useless for protecting a person or a space, but it can be used to protect a small item or container from hostile magics. Acquiring enough of the jade to protect even a small item is exceptionally expensive, and rarely worth the price.
The one big use of mana-null jade, and its most well known use, is as a weapon against mages. The largest crystals found have been just large enough to make arrow-heads or daggers from, and these weapons are entirely unaffected by all magical protections. Mages habitually protect themselves with warding spells, but a weapon of mana-null jade will pass through the wards as if they weren't there. Enchanted clothing and other magical protections are similarly useless. This has led to mana-null jade weapons being the tool of choice for assassinating a mage - at least, for those mages who justify such a massive expense.
A dagger with a blade made of mana-null jade

In-Game Rules

An item made of mana-null jade is entirely immune to direct magical effects, including spells and supernatural abilities. It can still be affected by the indirect consequences of a magical effect, at the discretion of the DM.
In addition, a weapon made of mana-null jade bypasses all magical protections on its target, including spells such as Mage Armour or Stoneskin; the magical component of the bonus to AC provided by magical armour; resistances or bonuses to AC provided by a creature's innate magics; and any similar effects at the discretion of the DM.

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