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Wreckage of the Fettered Cloud

As the Blight came down nearly a thousand years ago, the remaining forces of the Becht armies made a hasty retreat, most not knowing if the end of times were upon them or not. The fettered Cloud was the last of the airships to take off and was caught in the ensuing maelstrom of negative energy and fire that the cataclysm caused. It crashed hard in the Western reaches and the husk of the once vast airship still remains, a twisted mass of brass, steel, rotting canvas, and old bones. Due to its location at the literal edge of the Blighted lands, no one would dare to attempt to recover the bodies of those lost. One hundred and thirteen Bechtlarite troops perished in that crash, and to this day, tales of a ghostly shadow of the Fettered Cloud and her crew are told in the border towns and amongst the drifters that brave the Wastes, brought back by the void to seek justice for their deaths upon the living that are unfortunate enough to get in their path.
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