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Wickeltongue's Fiddle

A unique instrument crafted prior to the Blight, this fiddle carries a unique enchantment that allows it to manifest illusory representations of the music being played on it. These can manifest as virtually any form of visual accompaniment, though they are entirely intangible. The benefit of this, aside from the base aesthetic beauty of the accompaniment, is that the addition of the illusory aspect adds to the overall effect of any attempt to sway another creature's actions in a specified manner.


This fiddle once belonged to the adventurer, Mory Wickeltongue who was one of the brave souls tied to Stapleton Investigative Services . She played a large role in the events that led up to the Blight as one of the only individuals who managed to stumble upon and fight against the plot put into place the eventually led to the Blight being brought down. While her exploits are famous, she was aboard the Fettered Cloud when it went down during the calling of the Blight as is believed to have perished in the crash along with the other heroes that night...though, this does beg the question. How has the fiddle resurfaced outside of those terrible and darkened depths?


The most powerful significance of this item is that it is a relic tied to the events of the summoning of the Blight and the brave few people that stood against that tide and gave their lives in defense of the world.
Item type
Musical Instrument
Creation Date
Circa 150 AR
Current Holder
Related ethnicities

Cover image: Wickeltongue Fiddle by Midjourney


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