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This bagpipe utilizes an inflated bladder to power its horn without the constant need of the player to maintain the air pressure. The instrument itself is of questionable origin, as it is a patchwork of various skins stretched thick over its primary bladder. The horns are jagged and carved from bones of unknown origin. The remaining instrument is decorated with numerous skulls of small animals, fingerbones, and other small trinkets all of which are sewn directly into the coverings. The classic drone is much louder than it should be and has a hypnotic quality. any creature within a 50 foot radius of the instrument as it is played must succeed in a wisdom save or be lulled by the tone, effectively coming under the influence of an Ohrwurm. Once lulled, the magic of the device will begin weaving a shroud of void energy around those that are under its effects that will begin to sap away all of the creature's memories causing them to lose a point of intelligence every round. Once that score hits zero, the creature will fall into a coma and waste away if left unattended.
Item type
Musical Instrument
5 lb.
Base Price
1450 Sp

Cover image: weirdwrack by Midjourney


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