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Vol's Finger

This artifact appears as a fairly nondescript brush, covered in pock marks and coated in stains of mottled brown, grey, and black paints. The bristles are ragged and damaged as well, as if it has not been cared for and cleaned properly. Once activated with a series of somatic gestures, the brush will begin to give off an aura of shadow that allows the holder of the brush to create visual art pieces in mid-air. In the hands of an Artist this brush will add a plus two DC to any skill or ability checks while activated and bypass the need for any other components that require paint, pigment, brush, or even solid surface.


Very little is known about this artifact, and the somatic gestures to activate it are a guarded secret known only about the current owner of the brush and handed down from owner to apprentice.
Item type
.05 lb
Base Price
3450 Sp

Cover image: vols finger by Midjourney


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