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The Revenant Misericorde

This elongated dagger boasts a thin, almost needle-like blade obviously meant for piercing. The silvered structure is always cold to the touch and gives off a faint blue aura. The hilt is a masterful work, lined with immaculately detailed engravings and designs that seem to move and flow if watched closely long enough. In standard combat, it functions as a normal dirk, making a fine offhand weapon, though it deals standard damage. The delicate weapon is much sturdier than its thin, lightweight form would suggest however, remaining nearly unbreakable through any mundane means. The surface will not ever even show the faintest of scratch, thereby hiding the fact that this weapon is actually over a century old.


It was originally created and carried by a Bechtlarite assassin named Lenore Villebrega. It is said that in her hands, the blade silenced hundreds of lives before she finally met her end at the wrong end of it herself. The enchantment that powers this weapon allows the weilder to coup de gras any prone, sleeping, or unconscious target by merely landing a single successful strike. The blade will find its way through any armor, slipping in through even the tiniest of cracks or weak points causing a mortal wound to whatever part of the body it strikes, killing the target with no save. Over the many years and countless deaths that the weapon has been party to, it has begun to take on a simple form of sentience. While it cannot communicate, the weapon has a strong sense of empathy and now yearns to take lives, feeding on the emotional energy generated by each death. If left too long without this need being fed, it will attempt to entice both the wielder or, failing that, anyone near the wielder to pick it up and use it to kill. Those it attempts to sway to its will must make a DC 12 will save for each day that passes without it being fed, failure resulting in the individual falling under a compulsion to pick up or steal the weapon and use it to end the nearest and easiest target available.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
1 lb.
Base Price
2000 Sp

Cover image: revenant misiriecord by Midjourney


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