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The Augur's Eye

This oblong shaped, mottled grey stone is non-descript save for a single line of five dwarven runes etched into its surface. It does give off a powerful aura of divination if detect magic is used. The runes roughly translate into the words, "Back, Behind, Tomorrow's, Time, Foreseen." If these words are spoken aloud while the stone is held, the bearer of the item will fall into a trance state and become aware of the threads of reality all around them. While it is disorienting, a successful intelligence skill check will allow the bearer to discern the answer to one question per day. The answer is often cryptic and slightly obscured by the lack or mortal understanding of this reality, but it will always turn out to be accurate in the end.
Item type
Unique Artifact
2 lb.
Base Price
500 Sp


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