Skealtae Building / Landmark in Cairne | World Anvil


Built upon one of the smaller peaks, this centrally located House is the only one not fortified or capped. House Skealt opting instead to live on the land it farms, have instead dug their modest homes and outlying buildings into the surface of their mountain. Here they live, farm, and gather under the direction of Minah Skealt. There are numerous tunnels all through the mountain, and none but a handful of the dwarves that live here can navigate them all. The natural caves within are the reason the House chose this location, as they are perfect for growing all manner of fungal food stuffs. The largest structures on the mountain are the long silos used as storehouses. Each one uses a steam driven system of pulleys that attach to the silo floor and allow the dwarves to lift the contents of the silo up to the surface a little at a time. The gatherers and surface farmers can be seen during most of the daylight hours, planting, tilling, weeding, and digging. This is one of the most busy houses, but also one of the most peaceful.


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