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In appearance, this device seems to be a ruined arquebus with a slightly rusted barrel and a scorched and pock-marked stock. Upon closer inspection, it gives off a faint smell of brimstone and sulfur and remains warm to the touch. This weapon was on the front line when the Blight fell, and was infused by the Void energy and a poorly timed, panicked burst of magic from a nearby battlemage. The result is what is called "Pitch". The weapon itself is no different than any other standard issue arquebus used by the Empire at the time, but this weapon requires no ammunition. If loaded with lead shot, it will not fire, the physical damage being too much to remain functional, but if the command word is spoken aloud, the weapon will blast forth a gout of flaming tar in a wide arc 30 feet wide and up to 40 feet long engulfing all within that area in a sticky, clinging mass of flaming pitch. The pitch deals an initial 1d10 damage to all targets and an additional 1d6 per round for five rounds following unless the burning tar can otherwise be removed. Targets are allowed a dexterity saving throw to reduce the damage by half. The weapon may only be discharged once per two rounds, but does not seem to ever run out of charges.


The weapon is possessed by the spirits of the Dragoon that wielded it, Janus Mayfair and the spirit of the panicked mage that cost them both their lives when she loosed a fireball without gauging the distance properly. The two spirits are at war with the weapon and are what powers its ability. Any Spiritualist in proximity of the device will be able to discern its origin and, if skilled enough, the actual source. The spirits are forged into the device itself, and cannot be exiled from their prison due to their interaction with the raw void energy that engulfed them at the time of their deaths. The command word is, RANCOR.
Item type
Weapon, Ranged
5 lb.
Base Price
2500 Sp

Cover image: pitch by Midjourney


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