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There are a multitude of reasons why the people of Cairne continue to delve the lost places on the edges of the Blight, and while most of them are curious onlookers, thrill seekers, or treasure hunters, most are ill equipped to actually survive and find their way there. Knowledge is truly power in these instances, and only an accomplished Arcanist can guide them safely into and out of these places with their purpose and goals in tact. While what they do is still very illegal, one cannot overlook the need for the service they offer, as the ruins of old Cairne are riddled with traps both man made and natural, and the denizens that haunt them are far beyond the nightmares of the civilized world. These Arcanists are talented cartographers and guides, able to navigate the dark places and avoid the hazards that remain there.

Cover image: Pathfinder by Midjourney


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