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The city peak of Kant is unique in that, unlike all of the others, this one has a system of bridges, cable cars, and line guided balloons that connect it to all of the others. As this is the House that contains all of the builders and craftsmen, the construction on its surface is unending. The people who live here are always adding to the existing structure of the place and attempting to innovate the methods they use. There are stone towers, wooden houses, market stalls made of steel, etc. The entire place seems to look different day to day, but ironically, the structure is sound and in nearly a hundred years, nothing has ever collapsed or crumbled...a true testament to the dwarven craftsmen. The name, Kant, was given in the early days to this location as a joke, a play on the common word, can't, and this is what the Fouvienians said to them when they first sought to leave, "You can't" they said. This was one of the first locations that proved them wrong, and the founders of House Kantrapt thought the name would serve as a jovial reminder that nothing is impossible.


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