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The financial district of House Grainst. Much smaller and busier than the other houses domains, this area is generally fairly quiet and orderly. Only those approved by House Grainst and the Council are allowed entry into the area, as it houses a centrally located vault that is dug into the heart of the mountain peak itself. On the outside, the mountain is capped by a non-descript cover made of polished stone and steel, it has only one obvious way in or out and is under heavy guard by a complement of troops from House Bvorin. The lower levels of the structure house the many offices of the accounts workers, who work night and day to keep up with the ledgers. Hordes of notes, books, and papers are filed on the next levels, where all records and documents are meticulously organized, sorted, and stored. The upper levels are reserved for the heads of house,the accountants and clerks of the House.
Bank / Treasury

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