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Glamorweave Mask

An ornate and mastercrafted wooden mask made in a now lost traditional style that allows the wearer to assume the appearance of another individual flawlessly.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The enchantment of this item stems from imbued runic elements incorporated into the construction of it, on the inside of the mask. These runes will glow if magic is used to investigate the mask itself, these runes are the ancient Fae symbols for protection, disguise, and deceit. The mask will loosely affix itself to the wearer's face once placed there, and take on the visage of whomever the wearer pictures in their mind. Use of the mask does take a degree of focus to maintain, and any strenuous or damaging acts can easily cause the facade to drop. The mask only imparts the appearance of another as well, and will do nothing to alter the voice, height, weight, or mannerisms of the person using the enchantment.

Manufacturing process

The Incantation spoke over the item as it was created:   “Anáil nathrach orth bhais betha, do cheol déanta. Glaoim ar chealg Cerridwen, Guím ort a Mhuire na caille. Deonaigh dom do chumhacht agus lig dom siúl sa solas, fós gan a bheith le feiceáil. Bíodh mise mar thaibhse na mbeo i measc na marbh agus a ngaolta!”


This is one of the few non cursed items created by the half Fey, Caoimhe Iníon Mab during her time before the Blight, crafted as a means by which she might move through human society unseen and undetected, allowing her to ply her more devious wares to the unsuspecting, manipulate social and civil situations in ways that caused mayhem, and to be able to escape persecution in the rare instances where she was recognized for what she is.    The mask was lost in an altercation with a small group of bounty hunters somewhere along the Carrig River, but rumors of it persist into modern day among arcanists and treasure seekers.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Creation Date
1566 AR
Raw materials & Components
A hand carved, wooden mask, inlaid with fine filigree of spun silver and gold and then wrapped in silk and painted.

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