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Dusk's Song

Another fortified location, some miles North of Dusty Shore, this is the closest thing to a military establishment the Ventrytes maintain. Within are housed approximately five hundred men and women who are charged with defending the Ventryte people should the need arise. They are trained with the scavenged weapons that they can find or barter for but have been known to be incredibly fierce when challenged. A force of chaos armed with swords, spears, and the occasional firearm, these defenders are easy to write off until they are upon the enemy. Known and respected among their people as the Dusk's Song Irregulars, they are an entire force of volunteers, and unlike other armies, they are free to come and go as they please. Ventryte social trappings do well to maintain a solid number of fighters and their number tends to remain at a constant.


The Dusk's Song Irregulars
Military, Base


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