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Domes of the Shining Eyes

Beneath the Ephemeral Ocean once lay an opulent wonder of dwarven engineering and ingenuity, a series of five enormous domes crafted from polished obsidian on the ocean bed itself, once used for mining rare minerals on the ocean floor. When the Blight fell upon the Seanachaisian Islands, the nearby domes were damaged and overrun quickly, providing the initial point of entry for the Blight Born creatures to enter into Underhome and infect its tunnels with the void energy they carried with them. Since that time the domes have become a place of legend. They are still to this day, filled with fortunes of uncut gems, rare minerals, and lost artifacts of the old world. Though the extremely close proximity to the Blighted Lands is more than enough to keep would-be fortune seekers at bay, those that have tried have vanished in the process. Gauge Rhinehorn and his Void Walkers have made a few attempts to scout the locations that are as of yet undamaged, as the resources there would go a long way for their struggling society, but have not been able to gain a foothold in the region. Three of the domes remain intact and dry, potentially still livable and functional despite the void infestation. They have had a number of successful forays into the area, and recovered enough minor relics to keep interest. For the sake of these operations they now have a secret bunker dug in a mere five hundred yards from the first dome with a small surveillance team in place to monitor the area for weak points and potential ways to retake the location. The waters around the domes and inside the damaged ones are extremely toxic due to the void energy that permeates the ocean above.

Not long after the Blight fell

Outpost / Base


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