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Diary of a Seanachaisian Woman

This is the published personal diary of Moira Caomhánach, a Seanachaisian woman alive before the Blight who was present for many of the defining moments of her people's recent history. A rail worker along the Black Line found the leatherbound diary laying on the ground outside in the southern portion of the mainland around the year 218 PR. There was no body or any other personal affects in the vicinity, nor were there signs of anything resembling a struggle. It's unclear, then, whether the author is alive or dead.   The diary offers an unprecedented first-hand account of the plight of the Seanachaisians immediately preceding the Blight and in the years since, up until several weeks before the day it was found. Since its publication, it's become an explosive hit among the Bechtlarite Empire, not only for its historical value but also for the emotional bonds readers developed for its author, Moira, turning her into a household name.   Though popular, Diary of a Seanachaisian Woman has a reputation for not being an easy read. Contained within is the unfiltered pain and sorrow that Moira faced as these events were happening, this new perspective forcing many readers to face the atrocities their ancestors inflicted on the Seanachaisians head-on in a way they've never had to before. Additionally, several of Moira's entries raised troubling questions about the policies that shaped a post-Blight Cairne and the Seanachaisian's place within it.

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