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The largest known Seanachaisian settlement, this small village consists of more than a dozen family units living in one place on the Southern edge of the Outlands. These people live in relative peace, and have been known to trade both with the Volrishtad caravans that frequent their town and craftsmen, and even the occasional Ventryte trader. There is no hierarchy or leader here, the people choosing to focus on their families individually, and rely on one another strictly for social interaction. In harder times or if threatened, these families will come together without issue or question to defend their way of life. There is a small wooden wall that surrounds the village, and though not exactly a fortification, they do not freely allow unwanted guests or strangers into their domain.


Coda started as a refugee camp, a location hidden away that was unplanned and mostly established in an act of desperation as the remaining Seanachaisians did all they could to hide themselves following the Blight in order to avoid the human war and any further possible attacks on their people. The physical changes their people underwent were still viewed as isolated by most until these families began to come together and piece together the events that led to what happened, and how it affected their people as a whole. Information in those early years was very sparse and not all of it reliable. It was at this site that for nearly twenty years Oisin Oifrei stewed in his anger at the Becht, with each new arrival and traveler only lending to it as the devastation of his people and his culture was brought to bear, the reality and scope now fully realized. While the birth of his daughter, Sighnai Oifrei seemed to calm him a bit, the death of his wife two years later due to Void related complications is believed to be what motivated his efforts to organize the attempt to gain compensation during the events at Victory  that led to his demise.


While the structures of Coda are simple and made of repurposed materials and resources available trough small trades and even occasionally theft from other nearby ruins, they remain somehow beautiful in their own right, the nature of the Seanachaisian spirit still reflected in their creative aptitude and eye for beauty.


Code exists right at the edge of the Blighted Lands, nestled into a small area obscured from nearby thoroughfares enough that most would trundle past it and never know it was there. The land is marshlands and generally soggy and muddy, but this only serves as a further deterrent against discovery. The Seanachaisians do manage to grow small amounts of food utilizing potted and even occasionally rooftop garden beds that can be quickly covered in the event of a storm.
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23 PR
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