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Bvorin's Peak

The Peak

Bvorin's Peak House Bvorin has never been the most welcoming group of dwarves, but due to the nature of their responsibility, it is understandable. The Peak, as it has become known as, is less of a settlement and more of a stone and steel bound fortress atop the mountain. There are five airship ports at its peak, where the fleet stays at rest until needed. The fleet itself consists of fifty battleships, airships that are armored and use a rigid design, each one armed with cannons and various explosives that can be dropped from altitude. The fortress itself is carved into the rock face of the mountain and reinforced with additional buttresses and steel braces. Within are the barracks for both soldiers and officers alike. Kept deep below the surface, is the dwarven armory, where there is stored an unparalleled stockpile of arquebuses, flintlocks, blunderbusses, fire spitters, cannons, and gunpowder. There is also a vast array of martial weaponry and armor as well. In a central chamber is the war room with a polished marble floor that is inlaid with various metals to create an accurate map of Cairne. Only the Council and its advisors are allowed in this room. It is not uncommon to see compliments of Hiverstaedian troops here and the lower levels have barracks built to accommodate them when needed.
Military base / complex


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