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Blade of Shadowbane

Forged from a unique alloy of ancient metals, this sword radiates a brilliant white light. It possesses the power to sever ties with dark magic and weaken creatures tainted by the Blight. With each swing, the blade emits a burst of purifying energy, capable of banishing malevolent spirits and purging corruption from enchanted objects.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

At the heart of the blade lies a radiant core, forged from a fragment of a fallen star. This celestial essence pulsates with pure, untainted light energy, and it serves as the catalyst that infuses the entire weapon with its inherent powers. The core resonates with the positive energy of the Outer Realms, imbuing the blade with its ability to counter darkness. Etched along the length of the blade are luminous runes, carefully inscribed by the skilled hands of the Luminae. These intricate markings act as conduits and amplifiers of celestial energy, and they channel the core's power throughout the blade, enhancing its abilities and allowing the wielder to harness its full potential.   When wielded by a worthy champion, the Shadowbane emanates a brilliant aura of pure light. This luminous aura serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it acts as a protective barrier, repelling malevolent forces and shielding the wielder from dark magic and corruption. Secondly, it grants the ability to heal wounds and cure afflictions by channeling the essence of celestial light. The weapon also possesses a unique enchantment known as Shadowbane. When activated, this enchantment enables the blade to nullify and weaken the powers of darkness. Upon contact with dark entities, the blade emits a surge of brilliant light that weakens their defenses, disrupts their magic, and inflicts additional damage.   When swung through the air, the Blade of Shadowbane resonates with harmonious vibrations. These ethereal harmonics amplify the blade's power, allowing it to cleave through darkness with greater efficiency. The harmonics create a ripple effect that further disrupts the dark energies it encounters, making it an effective weapon against creatures of the Blight.   Perhaps its most powerful enchantment, is a latent ability within the Blade of Shadowbane that lies dormant until a critical moment. Known as "Dawn's Rebirth," this power manifests when the wielder is on the brink of succumbing entirely to darkness or physical defeat. When the blade's true potential is awakened, it emits a blinding burst of light, purging the surrounding area of darkness. This ability will expend the entire pool of magic within the weapon however, rendering it inert and mundane, but saving the life of the one wielding it along with any in the radius of the effect.


The Blade of Shadowbane was crafted by the skilled hands of the enigmatic smiths of Luminae, a secret order of master craftsmen and enchanters. The Luminae sought to create a weapon capable of combating the spreading corruption and malevolence that threatened to consume the world. They imbued the blade with a fragment of a fallen star, fusing celestial energy with their finest steel to create a weapon of unparalleled purity and power. Recovered legends claim that the Blade of Lightbane possessed a unique affinity for light magic. Its blade shimmered with a radiant glow, casting aside shadows and banishing darkness. When wielded by a pure-hearted champion, it is said that the blade would emit a brilliant aura that could heal the wounded and purify the corrupt.   In the final days before the cataclysm that reshaped the world, a powerful sorcerer known as Malachor launched a devastating assault on the stronghold of the Luminae. The battle that ensued was fierce, but the Luminae, aided by valiant warriors and mages, managed to protect the Blade of Lightbane from falling into enemy hands. Realizing the imminent doom that awaited their world, the Luminae took a solemn oath to safeguard the blade until the time came when it would be needed most. They sealed the Blade of Shadowbane within a hidden sanctuary, deep within the heart of a sacred mountain range. Powerful wards and enchantments were placed to ensure its protection, warding off any who sought to misuse its potent magic.    As the Blight engulfed the land, devouring civilization and plunging the world into chaos, the Blade of Shadowbane, its whereabouts already shrouded in mystery, and the Luminae, their secret order decimated and scattered, both became a forgotten tale of a bygone era. Within the Hall of Fireflies and among various scholarly circles, whispers and legends of the Blade of Lightbane persist, passed down through generations of survivors and whispered among sects of arcanists and treasure seekers. It has on more than one occasion also become the subject of songs, stories, and legends, a mythical symbol of hope that one day, a hero would arise to wield its power and bring about the restoration of light and peace.


This one of a kind artifact contains an incredibly rare form of old world magic, and retains a very powerful pool of that magic to be tapped and manipulated. Though no one has seen the sword since it was hidden away, and even fewer believe it to be more than a rumor, the weapon's supposed ability to combat the darkness of the Void would make it an incredibly potent tool.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Creation Date
120 PR
This is a unique item.
1 kg
140 cm in length


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