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Beads of Evershatter

These small glass beads give off a faint red glow, as if pulsing softly from within. THey are slightly warm to the touch but otherwise fairly nondescript. They are just the right size to be utilized in a sling or flintlock weapon and will fire easily from either. By itself, the beads will fly exceptionally true, adding a plus 2 to any to hit rolls in association with them. Upon striking their target they will do an initial 1d8 damage with an additional 1d4 each round that follows for the next 4 rounds as they shatter within the target and begin to spread. Each round the shards will shatter again dealing the additional damage and burrowing further into the target's body. Even after the effect ends, the shards will continue to cause an additional 1 point of damage every round the target spends moving at full speed. Reducing the target movement speed by half can negate this, but any additional physical activity will cause the damage to continue. The shards must be removed in a sterile environment to remove this effect and to avoid further complications such as infection. The removal must be done by a skilled Benevolent with the proper tools or the target will take an additional 1d4 damage for each successful medicine attempt, doubled in the event of failure.


At one time these items were standard issue for Becht elite forces but are now quite rare as the methods for crafting them are either lost or buried deep within the forbidden archives of the Empire.
Item type
Related ethnicities
.05 lb.
Base Price
50 Sp Each

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