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Artificium Seekers

These arcanists specialize in the perilous art of harnessing power from ancient magical artifacts that survived the cataclysm. The Artificium Seekers navigate forbidden realms, risking life and limb to uncover these relics from a bygone era. Masters of both discovery and innovation, these arcanists draw energy from the dormant enchantments within the artifacts, using their arcane knowledge to unravel the secrets woven into the very fabric of these mystical remnants. Through a process of reverse engineering, the Artificium Seekers seek to replicate and channel the latent power of these artifacts, pushing the boundaries of forbidden magic, however, their pursuit is fraught with peril. The old world artifacts are tainted, carrying malevolent energies and unforeseen side effects. The true methods and rituals involved in their creation have been lost to time, leading the Artificium Seekers down a treacherous path of experimentation. Recreating enchanted items becomes a perilous gamble, often resulting in unstable and volatile outcomes.


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