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The Tower

uilt into the farther precipice of Stormbreak, the Tower was the first building constructed in what would eventually become the capital city of all of Caido. An imposing gothic construction, the Tower is an architectural wonder of columns, towers, courtyards, and maze-like walkways built to confuse those who are unfamiliar or unwelcome to the Tower. Gargoyles are plentiful among the stone and metal spires. Whether or not they move and share secrets when no one is watching has long been the subject of rumour.     Though offices are easy to find, personal apartments are less so. Hallways and doors have a tendency to shift around to deter unwanted company from finding the private homes of the Order members.   1st floor - Medical Clinic. Also, offices of the Fixer and Dr. Hart. Personal apartments of Falke Guildenstern and October Hart located here. 2nd floor - The Artificers Workshop and Hammer's Smithy. 3rd Floor - Office of The Eye 4th Floor - Personal apartment of Luciana Garcia 6th Floor - Personal apartment of Seraphina Magus 7th Floor - Personal apartment of Cian O'Brion located here. ... Attic - Personal apartment of Finn Rosencrantz located here