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All humans, called the Accepted, are born with (or immediately acquire in the case of portalling-in) basic channeling. Because of their beloved-status, Accepteds can use a power called channeling to call out a minor deity or god (depending on level) to assist during times of struggle, danger, conflict, etc. Basic-channeling will result in a genie, sprite, or other lesser deity depending on location to appear when called upon. Upgraded-channeling allows the accepted to call upon Frey, Safrin, Ludo, or any of the Demigod. Mastered-channeling gives the opportunity to potentially call down Vi, Mort, or Rae.  

Magical Items

Magical items are almost exclusively bestowed onto the Accepted by the Gods (as a result of levelling or questing). While these items always confer some sort of magical benefit, it’s important to note that magical items will never be as strong or magically encompassing as the magical abilities of the Abandoned, Attuned, or Ascended (this is to preserve the racial benefits of those three races). A magical item cannot replicate an already existing magical or other racial ability.   Common magical items include things that temporarily grant a stat bonus (arm bands that increase strength by +3 for a thread), items that have a visual or aesthetic property (cloaks that never get dirty, a pendant that glows in the dark), or items that have useful properties (a ring that creates small quantities of water).   When trying to come up with your items, please keep in mind that the racial bonuses of the Accepted come in terms of their significantly improved stat-bonuses, and not in possessing magic.   Please speak with an admin about your magical-item ideas if you have any questions!  

What's it like to be an Accepted?

  Your soul is completely untouched, making you desirable to both the Old Gods and the Voice.
  You receive the most stats as you level compared to the other races.
  You receive magical items as you level.
These items are almost always unique to the character. Not unlike magic, items come in basic, upgraded, and mastered form depending on their strength.
You have the ability to channel a spirit, herald, demigod, or Old God, unlocked as you level, to aid you in a time of crisis.

  Both the Old Gods and the Voice are going to want to win you over to their side (becoming an Attuned or an Ascended). You might be able to use this in your favour when it comes to god interactions!
There is a military group in Stormbreak called the Dragoons who are exclusively Accepted with dragon companions.
There is no such thing as an Accepted-hybrid, but you may become an Ascended by visiting the Voice, or become an Attuned by visiting the Old Gods/Heralds.

  It is up to you how you decide to play being an Accepted! As the race with the most potential (according to the gods), your character may think of themselves as “above” other races - most of the citizens of Stormbreak believe this.
Adversely, perhaps your character feels as though they are missing out on something.
When writing an Accepted, the use of channelling is what uniquely sets you apart from any other races. Not even demi-gods have this ability.

Civilization and Culture

Common Myths and Legends

This race is significantly more likely to receive gifts from the various gods given their 'purity' (that is, having no immediate allegiances to either the New or Old Gods). In order to try and curry favour and win the Accepted to their causes, both sets of gods will often try and tempt or bribe this race with various gifts.