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Time Nexus Strider


It is used to go into the past to create towns and secret bases. But the main reason was to stop the Eaters before they became as widespread as they are. Unfortanely for The Blue Curtain their involvement helped in the creation of the Eaters


Manufacturing of the Time Nexus Strider is conducted within highly secure facilities under the auspices of The Blue Curtain. The process involves stringent quality control measures, specialized materials procurement, and the utilization of cutting-edge fabrication techniques.

Social Impact

The existence of the Time Nexus Strider remains concealed from the broader populace, minimizing direct social impact. However, its implications for temporal manipulation and the potential to alter historical events underscore the need for ethical oversight and responsible usage.
The invention of the Time Nexus Strider is credited to a clandestine team of scientists, engineers, and temporal theorists operating under the auspices of The Blue Curtain. While individual contributors remain anonymous, their collective efforts have revolutionized the field of temporal research and surveillance.
Access & Availability
Access to the Time Nexus Strider is strictly controlled by The Blue Curtain, limited to its operatives and authorized personnel. It remains highly classified and inaccessible to the general public or unauthorized entities.
The Time Nexus Strider represents a pinnacle of technological complexity, incorporating advanced principles of quantum entanglement, spacetime manipulation, and temporal recalibration. Its intricate design necessitates the expertise of multidisciplinary teams to comprehend and operate effectively.
The Time Nexus Strider was discovered through a collaborative effort of researchers within The Blue Curtain, drawing upon various branches of scientific inquiry and experimental data. Its inception was rooted in a deepening understanding of quantum mechanics and the nature of temporal anomalies.
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