Charmweave Satchel

Note: The enchantments placed upon the satchel not only ensure the safety and comfort of the serpents but also create an aura of mystique and wonder around the Jhakari who carry it.

Raw materials & Components

  • Enchanted Vines: Harvested from sacred groves, these vines possess natural magical properties, enhancing the connection between the satchel and the serpents it cradles.
  • Celestial Charms: Small, intricately crafted charms are interwoven into the charmweave, amplifying the satchel's magical resonance and providing a calming influence on the serpents within.
  • Lustrous Silk Lining: The interior of the satchel is lined with silk spun from ethereal silkworms, creating a luxurious and soft environment for the serpents to rest.

Additional Uses:

  • Arcane Storage: Besides serpents, the Charmweave Satchel can safely hold small arcane artifacts, scrolls, or delicate magical items, making it a versatile companion for Jhakari on their mystical journeys.
  • Tranquilizing Aura: When opened, the satchel emits a faint tranquilizing aura, calming not only the serpents within but also providing a soothing effect on those in close proximity.
  • Connection Focus: Jhakari often use the satchel as a focus during rituals and communions with their serpentine companions, as the woven materials enhance the magical connectionbetween the practitioner and the mystical beings.


Forged by skilled Jhakari artisans, the Charmweave Satchel traces its origins to ancient rituals that sought to harmonize the magic of serpents with the natural world. Passed down through generations, these satchels became cherished tools for Jhakari practitioners, enabling them to carry mystical serpents in a symbiotic union.
by Lady Wynter
Item type
Current Location
Current Holder
Lightweight, as the enchanted materials used in the weave contribute minimal mass.
Compact, with a height of 12 inches, width of 8 inches, and depth of 6 inches. The satchel is designed to be portable yet spacious enough for its magical inhabitants.

Cover image: by Lady Wynter


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