Bunkin History of Bunkin Timeline

History of Bunkin

  • 2 DT

    10 BT

    The Magic Dimensional Rift Happened

    Hundreds of thousands of years ago, a dimensional rift happened in the realm of magic, giving the deities of Earth the power to travel to other Dimensions, eventually leading to the Original Deity finding and creating Bunkin

  • 0 DT

    Bunkin Was Created
    Discovery, Exploration

    The Original Deity eventually stumbled upon a dimension made up of magical rocks, completely empty, and decided to create a world for his dove companion to rule over. He filled it with life and plants and water, everything needed to sustain the bunkers.

  • 1 BT

    The Bunkers are Made
    Geological / environmental event

    The Original Deity called together other Deities from Earth to help create the bunkers. With their help he created the 7 species and set out to populate the world.

  • 1 BT

    The Original Deity is Killed

    The Deities that had joined in the creation of Bunkin turn on the Original Deity, killing him and taking over Bunkin, turning the bunkers into slaves for breeding

  • 100 BT

    The Bunkers are Freed
    Era beginning/end

    After 100 years of suffering, the ruling Deities from Earth discover what has been done to the bunkers, freeing them and locking away the Deities who had caused this.

  • 100 BT

    The Deity of Bunkin Takes Rule
    Diplomatic action

    The dove, who Bunkin was created for, takes over rule of Bunkin as the true Deity.

  • 5000 BT

    The Original Dove Dies
    Cultural event

    The original Deity of Bunkin, the white dove, dies and a new dove is born and crowned as the new Deity of Bunkin.

  • 85000 BT

    The Human/ Bunker Wars Begin
    Military action

    The human bunker trade is bigger than ever, and the bunkers are finally fighting back against it after thousands of years after their Deity was killed by humans.

  • 86000 BT

    Big Sister is Born
    Life, Birth

    After the previous Deity of Bunkin was killed too soon, Big Sister is born, the rightful heir to Bunkin. She is taken into hiding to prevent her being killed as well, keeping her identity a secret.

  • 86100 BT

    Big Sister is Kidnapped to the Human World
    Criminal Activity

    The humans find Big Sister, and unaware of who she is, they put her into the slave trade, for sale as a wife to a high bidder, but she is saved by a kind human, who she falls in love with.

  • 86200 BT

    Big Sister Returns Home
    Era beginning/end

    After help escaping back to Bunkin, Big Sister closes the gate to the humans, cutting her off from her love for life, as she must stay in Bunkin to keep the portal closed to the humans.

  • 86200 BT

    The War Ends
    Military action

    After Big Sister closes the portal to the humans, the war ends, as there's seen to be no risk anymore. To continue relations with the humans, they create the wishing ceremony, to send bunkers to humans who are deemed to be responsible masters.