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Basic Information


Fins have a humanoid form and a stuffed form. There are 5 stuffed forms:
  • Swimmer (Common)
  • Floppy (Common)
  • Standing (Uncommon)
  • Chungus (Rare)
  • Keychain (Mythical)
These can be any number of color combination from each sub race.   In their humanoid form, they have flippers, some have tails instead of legs, bracelets, and some have other mutations like fangs and bioluminescence, or horns.   There's 5 sub races, each with two other color variations.
  • Pond
    • Koi Variant
    • Colorful Variant
  • Fresh Water
    • Mini Variant
    • Pastel Variant
  • Salt Water
    • Tropical Variant
    • Giant Variant
  • Ocean
    • Dolphin Variant
    • Whale Variant
  • Corral Reef
    • Neon Variant
    • Exotic Variant
      They are very fast and lean!

    Genetics and Reproduction

    Basically if you want them to get pregnant, they will, if you don't they won't. They can take medicine to prevent it, but it usually depends on the intention of the person cumming inside them. They breed with each other in humanoid form, as breeding in a stuffed form is not possible without ripping them open... which would hurt a lot.

    Growth Rate & Stages

    The average bunker lives around 1000 years, mythical bunkers live around 2000 and deities live around 5000. They are never fully babies, as they become aware and learn very early on, but they have a short childhood for around 10 years or so (depending on which group they are in it could also be 20, or 50) before becoming an adult! They die when their magic runs out and they are turned into a new bunker!
    Scientific Name
    Average Height
    Average Weight
    10 lbs bc they are stuffed
    Average Physique
    They have a range, some are very small and thin, others are very big and thick!
    Geographic Distribution


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