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Goblin Fruits

Goblin Fruits are various edible plants that grow in the Hedge, and are a valued source of Glamour for Changelings and Hobgoblins. Despite the name, they do not always take the form of fruit. The Autumn Court of Buena Vista cultivates goblin mushrooms, for example. Each "standard" Goblin Fruit restores one point of Glamour when eaten by a fae creature. When eaten by mortals, however, the fruit's mask is broken and it inflicts a Condition on the mortal eater. Addicted, Disoriented, and Madness for a scene are common results. Specific breeds known in Buena Vista include:

Blue Puffballs

Cultivated by the Autumn court, these fungi resemble edible white button mushrooms to mortal eyes, but carry a deep blue glow to those who can see their mien. Consuming a Blue Puffball restores a point of glamour and provides a +1 die bonus to the next Contract or Dread Power activation for the scene. This mushroom doesn't react well with other supernatural consumables, inflicting the moderate Sick Tilt if such an item is ingested in the same scene, including other varieties of Goblin Fruit. Mortal food and mundane ingested medications do not trigger this illness. Attempts to treat the Sick Tilt by supernatural means increases the severity to grave.

Plumber's Agaric or Spriggan Shroom.

Humorously named as an oblique reference to the mushrooms of Super Mario Brothers franchise (and more directly, The Binding of Isaac), this rare mushroom alters the eater's size. These mushrooms temporarily give the user the Giant merit and +1 Strength for a scene, or until they take a point of lethal or aggrivated damage. Afterward, they gain the Small-Framed merit and their Strength is set to one dot. This effect extends to the eater's clothing, though often not quite enough to be comfortable. Notably, those who already have the Small-Framed merit "naturally" do not suffer from any of the drawbacks. Those who already possess the Giant Merit instead experience the effects in reverse order. The reversal in size may be triggered early if the sudden change in size would be inconvenient.

Angler Seeds

Eating a handful of Angler Seeds only restores Glamour if the eater avoids speaking for a day. The primary use, however, is that the eater can vary the coloration of their mein to provide +1 die to rolls to hide. At fae social functions, this bonus may also apply to some performances, as doing so is often a fun party trick.

Dullamán vesicles

Found in the aquatic Hedge, these Goblin Fruits harden the eater's skin into a wrinkled rock-like texture, providing Armor 1/1 for a scene. However, remaining in contact with a solid surface for more than 30 seconds with bare skin anchors the eater to it, requiring portalling or a Strength + Stamina check with a -2 penalty to break free.

Loco Plum

A rare and potentially dangerous Goblin Fruit sought by the Summer Court, the Loco Plum restores a point of Glamour and inflicts the Frenzied condition on the eater for the scene.


Oddments are a class of Goblin Fruits that have uses that don't involve consuming them. Those that are edible still restore a point of Glamour when consumed.

Goblin Bombs

These inedible spiked balls resemble those dropped by sweetgum trees. Unlike them, however, they spread their seeds by exploding upon being dropped. Goblin Bombs can be harvested (carefully) and used as weapons. A Goblin Bomb is a thrown explosive weapon with the statistics of a pipe bomb (Hurt Locker, p. 135). Multiple Goblin Bombs can also be harvested to produce gunpowder with an extended Dexterity + Crafts roll. A dramatic failure on these rolls triggers an explosion with the harvester at ground zero.

Patchberry Leaves

These shrubs grow in the BriarNet, fed by the stress-flavored Glamour produced by crunch time in the mortal world. Consequently, they usually show up around the bastions of large corporate intranets. They used to grow in spurts just before a program's release date, but it's becoming more frequent to see growth continue afterward as developers scramble to fix the bugs that came with a hurried release. The Patchberries themselves are common Goblin Fruits useful for restoring Glamour. The leaves, resembling 5 1/4 inch floppy disks are often the true prize: When a mature leaf is properly dried, it can be inserted into an appropriate disk drive to resolve a software issue a computer is currently experiencing, or it may be used on a programming roll to give a +3 bonus to the Computers skill, representing the leaf's assistance in debugging. The software patch is often arcane and unprofessional in nature, typically cutting corners or adding over-engineered code to accomplish the goal. Rolls to decipher or modify the source code generated by a Patchberry Leaf suffer a cumulative -2 penalty for each leaf used on the same program. At the Storyteller's discretion, reliance on the leaves may cause additional unexpected consequences.