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Bimbo slang


If Bimbo slang could be called a language, it should be some kind of international Equistrcorn pidgin. Bimbo slang is mainly used in combination with the mother language of the speaker. Therefore has Bimbo slang quite an international character, however it is dominated by English and Equestricorn loan words.    

by Walgab


Bimbo slang is in general spoken with the SVO syntax. Which means that the subject (S) comes first in a sentence followed by the verb (V), followed by the object (O). This is because both Equestricorn and English which is to be considered the parent languages of the Bimbo slang has that order. But there are however places and contexts where other syntax is used, for example Bimbo German (SOV), Bimbo Welsh (VSO), Bimbo Yucatec(VOS), Bimbo Klingon, Portu-Brazilian Bimbo Slang (OSV).  
by Walgab


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Bimbo slang

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