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The Bimbo Movement

by Walgab

  The Bimbo movement, or Bimbo Culture if you wish is a subculture where unintelligence, naivety sexiness and conventionally attractiveness are core values. The contemporary subculture is predominated by humans, but the origin for the movement can be found in Unicorn culture, where it started off as a reaction towards traditional unicorn values but has today affected the mainstream unicorn culture greatly. In fact the word bimbo comes from the ancient unicorn language Equestricorn and means "a foolish, stupid, or inept person".  

Subdevisions of the movement

The movement has somewhat split in two parts, the generic bimbo movement heavily influenced by human, and human ideas, and the Core Bimbos that sticks to the unicorn roots of the culture. On top of that there is a minor split in stile and roles of the different genders, so much in fact that there is different words for them. However regardless of which part of the movement each member considers as theirs, there are a profound idea of unity in the subculture, that states that the different parts are equal and belongs together.  
    The female part of the movement. Not to be confused with bimbo as in a member regardless of gender identity, of the bimbo culture.   A young bimbo are sometimes called bimbette.      
    The male part of the movement. A young himbo are sometimes called bimbro.      

  A non binary member of the movement. These lucky bimbos tends to either show of the extremes of the fashion and iconic troops representing the subculture wether it's bimbo or himbo, or something in between. Its not uncommon to combine extreme bimbo looks but with a personality of a himbo, or vice versa.   Thembos has also a tendency to be more openminded on what's considered to fit into the bimbo movement. If you sea a bimbo that combine typical bimbo attributes with attributes from other subcultures, like for example Bimbo-Goth or Bimbo Park (Trailer Park bimbos), eight out of ten times its probably a thembo.  

The Core Bimbos (also known as the Original Bimbos, Trojan Bimbos (or simply Trojans), Cornbimbos) is the part of the Unicorn Movement that sticks to the unicorn roots of the culture. The typical core bimbo is a young adult unicorn, but there are members of other sapient species that consider themselves being Trojans.   One of the things that sets the Core Bimbos apart is their language. Even thou they have somewhat adapted the bimbo, himbo och thumb terms from the human part of the movement, they do tend to use the older terms of mare, stallion and mastall instead. Especially if its a member of non-unicorn sapient species.  

Bimbo slang

In general most bimbos use their own languages combined with bimbo slang words. This slang is dominated by English and Equestricorn loan words but are other than that internatinal in character, with words from every language spoken where the bimbo movement are established.    
by Walgab

Languages spoken

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