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        Unicorns are magical creatures and can understand all languages. They can also be understood in what appears to the receiver as their own language. But there are an exception to this rule, and that is Equestricorn. The language seems to be immune to unicorn magic and must be learned.   All Unicorns know some words and phrases in Equestricorn, and some words has even trickled down to humans and other sapient spicies. For example the word bimbo. However the unicorns that knows more than that are definitely fewer, and those who can talk it fluently are fewer still.            

Writing System

The writing system is phonemic system like the alphabet called hoofes, which means that there are sets of symbols that represent consonants and vowels. It was based around markings made on the ground in lose soil (therefore its name), and has evolved from there. Hoofes are the source to the human Greek Linear A writing system, that contemporary human scientist yet has to decipher. Thus is it also the great great great great ancestor to the Latin alphabet that most western cultures uses some variation of.   Today hoofes are viewed as old fashion, unwieldy and cumbersome. Instead a Latin alphabet of the same model as in English are being used in most situation and contexts.    



Sound Example Eng. Example Eq. Sound Example Eng. Example Eq.
p pit l left
t tin j yes
k cut ʔ button
cheap b bit
m map d dim
f fat g gut
θ thin jeep
s sap n nap
ʃ she v view
h ham ð then
x loch z zap
ʍ whine ʒ measure
ɹ run ç huge
w - we ɻ - write ŋ - bang  

by Walgab


Sound Example Eng. Example Eq. Sound Example Eng. Example Eq.
æ trap ɔɪ choice
ɑː palm mouth
ɒ lot ɜː nurse
ɔː thought ɑr start
ɪ kit bimbo ɔr north
e dress ɔː force
ʌ strut ɪə near
ʊ foot ɛr square
face ʊr cure
əʊ goat ə comma
fleece ər letter
goose i happy


Equestricorn is in general spoken with the SVO syntax. Which means that the subject (S) comes first in a sentence followed by the verb (V), followed by the object (O).


Swadesh list

A Swadesh list is a tool to compare languages. Certain words ar listed and given numbers for easy comparison. There are a couple of types of Swadesh lists with different amount of words, and different words.  

Swadesh list 207

Number English Equestricorn Phonetics Number English Equestricorn Phonetics
1. I 105. (to) smell zombos /ˈzɒmbɒs/
2. you (singular) tu /tuː/ 106. (to) fear
3. he 107. (to) sleep
4. we hal /əl/, /həl/, /ɑːl/, /hɑːl/ 108. (to) live
5. you (plural) tu /tuː/ 109. (to) die
6. they 110. (to) kill
7. this 111. (to) fight globb /'glɒb/
8. that 112. (to) hunt
9. here 113. (to) hit
10. there 114. (to) cut
11. who 115. (to) split
12. what poka /pɔːkɑː/ 116. (to) stab
13. where 117. (to) scratch
14. when 118. (to) dig
15. how 119. (to) swim
16. not 120. (to) fly pegas /peɡæz/
17. all anot /ɑː'nɒt/ 121. (to) walk
18. many 122. (to) come
19. some 123. (to) lie (as in a bed)
20. few 124. (to) sit
21. other 125. (to) stand
22. one nah /nɑː/ 126. (to) turn (intransitive)
23. two dul /dʊl/ 127. (to) fall
24. three sae /sɑːe/ 128. (to) give
25. four ne /'ne/ 129. (to) hold
26. five oi /'ɔɪ/ 130. (to) squeeze
27. big mondiu /mɔːndʒɜː/ 131. (to) rub
28. long longo /lɒŋgɒ/ 132. (to) wash
29. wide maki /mɑːkɪ/ 133. (to) wipe
30. thick 134. (to) pull
31. heavy 135. (to) push
32. small 136. (to) throw
33. short napoleo /'nɑːpʊlɪɒ/ 137. (to) tie tether /ˈteðə(ɹ)/
34. narrow 138. (to) sew
35. thin 139. (to) count
36. woman mearh /merh/ 140. (to) say neigh /neɪ/
37. man (adult male) staloun /stɑːlʊn/ 141. (to) sing whinny /ˈwɪni/
38. man (human being) stupidos, homosapiens, homostupidos, /stjuːpɪdɒz/, /ˌhəʊməʊsæpienz/, /ˌhəʊməʊstjuːpɪdɒz/, 142. (to) play
39. child foal, serrach /fəʊl/, /seɹɑːx/ 143. (to) float
40. wife 144. (to) flow
41. husband 145. (to) freeze
42. mother ma /mɑː/ 146. (to) swell
43. father pa /pɑː/ 147. sun sola /'sɒlɑː/
44. animal 148. moon questra /kʊestɹɑː/
45. fish plosh /plɒʃ/ 149. star sestra /sestɹɑː/
46. bird twittifay /twɪtɪfæɪ/ 150. water aqua /ɑːkʊɑː/
47. dog cereb /seɹeb/ 151. rain
48. louse 152. river
49. snake 153. lake
50. worm 154. sea narw /ˈnɑːɹw/
51. tree silva /sɪlvɑː/ 155. salt
52. forest silvarion /sɪlvɑːɹɪɒn/ 156. stone
53. stick 157. sand
54. fruit 158. dust
55. seed 159. earth
56. leaf 160. cloud
57. root 161. fog
58. bark (of a tree) 162. sky
59. flower 163. wind
60. grass 164. snow
61. rope 165. ice
62. skin 166. smoke
63. meat 167. fire
64. blood 168. ash
65. bone 169. (to) burn
66. fat (noun) 170. road
67. egg 171. mountain
68. horn 172. red
69. tail 173. green
70. feather 174. yellow
71. hair lack /læk/ 175. white whiss /wɪs/
72. head 176. black
73. ear 177. night
74. eye 178. day
75. nose mammul /ˈmæmʊl/ 179. year ensolar /'ensʊlar/
76. mouth 180. warm
77. tooth 181. cold
78. toungue (organ) 182. full
79. fingernail 183. new
80. foot man-hoof, paw /mæn'huːf/, /pɔː/ 184. old
81. leg 185. good
82. knee 186. bad
83. hand paw /pɔː/ 187. rotten
84. wing 188. dirty
85. belly 189. straight
86. guts 190. round
87. neck 191. sharp (as a knife)
88. back 192. dull (as a knife)
89. breast 193. smooth
90. heart 194. wet
91. liver 195. dry
92. (to) drink 196. correct
93. (to) eat 197. near
94. (to) bite 198. far
95. (to) suck 199. right
96. (to) spit 200. left
97. (to) vomit 201. at at /æt/
98. (to) blow 202. in in /ɪn/
99. (to) breathe 203. with
100. (to) laugh 204. and
101. (to) see 205. if
102. (to) hear 206. because
103. (to) know 207. name namnam /'nɑːmnɑːm/, /'næmnæm/
104. (to) think

by Walgab


Tense is a grammatical category that expresses time references. The different tenses are usually shown by the use of specific forms of the verbs, mainly in their conjugation patterns.   The main tenses in Equestricorn is past, present and future. There are also a ultima tens, which is a extreme form of future tense, but it is seldom used, (it is believed to be an archaic remnant from the time of the Gods).   The conjugation of verbs in past, present, future and ultima in Equestricorn follows the patterna of -ed, -et, -etat and if the verbs ends with an e, the sound changes from an /e/ to an /ɪə/ sound (as in near).
Past Present Future Ultima
English have jumped jump, jumping, will jump -
Equestricorn almed alma, alming almet almetat
English have fought fight, fighting will fight -
Equestricorn globbed globb, globbing globbet globbetat

  The above mentioned tenses express time in relation to the moment of speaking. In some contexts, there isa need to relate to a point int the past or future that is established in the discourse (ie a moment being spoken about). These tenses are called for relative, since they are put in relation to what's is talked about (as opposed to absolute tense, ie past, present, future, ultima). These are pluperfect (or past perfect) which is a finished action in past sense, for example  
  • Sassy Tiny Prancer had written a book
  • Fancy Dilly Dally had been writing to Anders Sparrman
And a future in the past tense that often are used in narrations of past events, like  
  • I told you he was going to come to the party - (a plan)
  • I knew Lacy Dildo Dream would make dinner - (a voluntary action)
  • Lacy Dildo Dream said Cenneth Centaur was going to bring his sister with him - (a plan)
  • I had a feeling that the vacation was going to be a disaster - (a prediction)
  • He promised he would send a letter from Booty Crack - (a promise)
by Walgab


81 Words.


The ancient language of the Unicorns
Successor Languages

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29 Dec, 2021 04:20

absolutely 100% in favor of a language of unicorns where there's a very large chunk of their established vocabulary centered around the bimbo movement.

love, jyliet & maddy & teresa
30 Dec, 2021 11:41

Thank you. And thank you for acknowledging what I do.   My view of unicorns has always been that they are a bit vane and self-absorbed som when one of my billboard suggested a bimbo culture/movement (yet to be written) it was naturally for me that thet movement should have its roots among the unicorns. But the problem that occurred was the fact that unicorns understood all languages, and therefore could no words triple down to humans et all. Therefore Equestricorn.   My plan with the language is to build it close to English, since its going to be a LARP language, but created in the same way as Pierre Coffin's minionese. Just add sounds, words and phrases that sounds funny. That and the connection to the bimbo movement will create a language that hopefully will evolve of itself in the LARP setting it is planned to be used.   The world I am creating is a world I recreate from memory after a computer crash. It is mainly inspired of surrealism, bubbelgum dance music videos (Barbie Girl (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyhrYis509A), Tarzan & Jane (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlDjEd8gAkI) Doo Dah (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFFykQIrPCk&list=PLqAr4T3qXaSyQFy15DWC4nT7YstKQbGTu&index=42), pop culture from 1985-2005 and kids shows like Teletubbies and In the Night Garden... So it could seem a bit strange sometimes, but hopefully it will be appreciated anyway :)

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That inspirational material sounds awesome XD The idea that Linear A is based on hoofes made me laugh too!

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7 Jan, 2022 17:05

Thank you :)