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Welcome to Braythe!

The chained worlds of Braythe await you! As countless worlds float through the purple void, connected by massive chains, infinite adventures lie before you. In Braythe: Shattered Realities, everyday life is a fight for survival, but also a battle for hope. The world-islands of Braythe are the remnants of worlds that have been destroyed, their inhabitants survivors or descendants of survivors of an apocalypse. The world of Ashandri, for example, was born from remnants of the world of Virthys, which got torn apart by a dragon god that went insane. Others might have been affected by natural or magical disasters, or even simply reached the end of their cosmic lifecycles.   Fragments of these destroyed worlds have been patched together into new worlds, often with harsh borders that seem entirely unnatural. In some places, a single step might bring you from a flourishing forest into a chilling ice desert. In older worlds or when landscapes are similar enough, the borders might be a bit more diffuse.   Every world-island is tied to a single champion, a once-mortal inhabitant of the original world. This champion has been granted the power to save parts of the world, an almost divine magic to create a new world out of the debris of the old. Who or what grants these powers, only few people know.   Adventures in Braythe come in many variations, but the overall theme is the progress from surviving to thriving. At what part of this journey you let your adventures begin is entirely up to you.   Conflict is ever-present in the worlds of Braythe. Not only is every world linked to at least two others through the massive world-chains, inducing trade, political conflict or outright warfare. In the aftermath of an apocalypse, many survivors have been utterly shocked, disoriented and are easily triggered. Seeing your world die does something to you, and many who survived haven’t even barely processed what they experienced. Even good people have been fighting each other. Some of these conflicts may still lead to constant bloodshed after years or even centuries, while others may have turned into cold wars.   But there is also another danger, a unifying peril for all the world-islands: The presence of The Perishing. These mysterious entities seek one thing above all: To end the existence of everything in Braythe. And even among the survivors, they have found dangerous allies.   The setting of Braythe has an overarching theme - "from surviving to thriving". Despite all conflicts and problems and traumatic experiences of the inhabitants of Braythe, the setting's theme is deeply optimistic - but also deeply psychological. Naturally, you can play within Braythe in any way you want, and you can ignore these thematic suggestions entirely if you want to. If you like the idea of psychological campaigns, here's the right article for you: Running a psychological campaign

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