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Not all orcs on Virthys were as civilized as the Ember Orcs. And the more tribal savages had offspring with other races, in particular humans, just as on other worlds. During the War of Vallenis, many of them became mercenaries. Half-orc chieftains sometimes led their entire clans into war, for glory and treasure. The last few decades on Virthys are known to many orcs as the Days of Blood. While this allowed them to live as mighty warriors, the death toll was so high that the orcs have an ambivalent feeling to this time period.   Some half-orcs found their way to more civilized lands, or even actively retreated from the bloodshed. And then there are, of course, the offspring of Ember Orcs with other races. The Ember Half-Orcs are seen as valuable members of society, and treated just as everyone else. The most common variant is offspring with humans. But Ember Half-Orcs with other races are also known.  



Ember Half-Orc

  Children of Ember Orcs and Humans, this race shares many traits with regular half-orcs. They have the same red skin as Ember Orcs, though, and the typical red or yellow eyes. Most of them grew up and live in the Ember Wastelands, but sometimes they (or their parents) journeyed off into the world. Either travellers or immigrants in other regions, they know how to adapt to different cultures.   Ember Half-Orc Traits   Replacing the Ability Score Increase, as well as the Menacing and Relentless⁠ Endurance traits of regular half-orcs, Ember Half-Orcs gain the Ability Score Increase of Ember Orcs, and their traits Master Craftsmen and Fire Resistance.   Ability Score Increase: Intelligence+2, Constitution+1   Master Craftsmen: You can roll any check to craft an item or use a toolset with advantage. Once used, you need a short rest before you can use this ability again.   Fire Resistance: You are resistant to fire damage.



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