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Foreword by the author

Creating a campaign setting of my own is something I have been dreaming of for many years. As a hobby writer, passionate roleplayer and forever gamemaster, all I lacked was the right idea at the right time. During the strange times of 2021, the missing puzzle pieces came along.   As a fan of planar adventures, I wanted to create a setting with exceptional, magical places, but at the same time offer something that most roleplayers could relate to. A classic fantasy world, but totally different.   When the idea of Braythe came up in my mind, I knew I was on the right track. With its countless and fragmented worlds, everything was possible - including classical fantasy. The post-apocalyptic scenario, flat world-islands and the strangeness of the Braythian Void, the concept of champions like Marisha Veilbreaker - all that gave the setting a unifying (and unique) theme.   As someone who loves psychology, exploring and understanding the human mind, I also wondered what living through the end of the world would do to both the individual, and the culture they lived in. For many real-world trauma survivors, the big struggle is to evolve from "just surviving" to "thriving". In my imagination, this was the perfect overall theme for the setting, opening up countless opportunities for complex character development.   Of course, it is entirely up to you if you use this theme, or something completely different, in your campaign. Whether you want to explore the outer realms of the mind, or nothing more than strange and fascinating places, the choice is yours.   In any case, I invite you to share your experiences and adventures with me, to send me your feedback and constructive criticism as well as your wishes for future expansions of the setting.   And most importantly: Have fun!   Heiner de Wendt


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