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Wasalake Valley

Nestled deep in the Hornhead Hills lies a large valley with a rather peculiar history, if the tales are to be believed. Now don't get me wrong, there is plenty of evidence to suggest at least part of the tale is true, I've seen it with mine own eyes, but the why's and wherefore's of the whole affair, who can say.


The valley is situated in the west of the hill lands, where the peaks are highest, and if it weren't for it's unusual beginnings, it would be as unremarkable as the many other valleys which dot this undulating landscape. Unremarkable is probably an unfair word to use as the whole region is known as an area of oustanding natural beauty, and the taller peaks offer amazing views across the landscape.   The valley itself is rather smoother than it's counterparts and has an odd ring which runs all around the upper portin of the valley walls. The slope down into the valley isn't too steep, though it is quite long and levels out into a large, broad valley floor. The valley is eleven miles long and about five miles wide at it's broadest.  


Many years ago it is said that this valley used to be one of the largest lakes in the region, and several villages and a town made their livelihood upon it. Then one day all the water drained from the lake, leaving behind many devastated villagers and one hell of a mess. Once it became clear to them that the lake wasn't coming back, most people packed up and moved their lives elsewhere.   There are several hypothesis that have been floated around by scholars as to what happened to the lake, but no one theory has had more traction than any other. Of course the people who live in this region have their own tales and legends which speak of what happened, but there is one which has grown much bigger than the others and has even spawned it's own small tourist industry for the people who call the valley home these days.

The cave that went too far

At the lowest point of the valley floor there lies a cave which is the source of the tale of how the lake was emptied. For anyone who journeys into the cave will find it has no end or rather no bottom. The cave stretches far back through smooth twisting tunnels, untill it reaches a gaping black hole into nothigness, at least this is how it appears to those who have ventured this far. The hole is entirel black and swallows any light which is dropped into it. There is the sound of a howling from below as of that of a strong wind but no breeze is felt.   It is said that many years ago two demi gods, brothers who were always competing against each other. One day one made a bet to the other involving the emptying of the lake, though the details of the bet are lost history. It is said that the brother dove down to the bottom of the lake and dug and dug and dug, untill he reached an emptiness in the earth, at which point all of the water from the lake drained down into the hole in great rush. So great was the deluge of water that the brother was washed away with it, and so though he one his bet, was never able to collect upon it.


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