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Yasca Mining Corporation Offices

These are the Headquarters of the Yasca Mining Corp and is a space station in orbit of Yasca.


The government comes from its business routes and called The Board of Directors or just "The Board".


There several parts that the offices organise and run as part of the station and these come under the following:
  • Business offices
  • Trade centre and Trading offices
  • Mineral and ore handling
  • Mineral and ore processing
  • Docking ports
  • Distribution Centre
  • Staff residential quarters


The "offices" started off as a few offices attached to a depot back in it's early years and as the business developed, the offices expanded and added a secondary depot, additional offices, training facilities and conference rooms.
Then there was companies departure from the planet Yasca as just a successful business on that planet and creating it's own business away from a authority body aka a government. The consequence they became its own "country" or ruling authority.
  The reasons for this departure from Yasca where similar to the arguments you would have found on Earth in the 20th and 21st centuries about how much tax a company should pay. The YMC wanted less tax and the common citizen of Yasca  wanted them to pay there due tax to with infrastructure, help care of the people and the planet. The government fell on the side of it's people and made sure the YMC payed "A fare tax rate" (in the Yasca President's own words). This ended up meaning the the companies Chairman, CEO, and other owners moved to the companies Headquarters which was through a loop hole in the law technically not part of the planet, so there for couldn't be taxed. The CEO and bord then announced that they "will create a new country in orbit of Yasca."
Alternative Name(s)
Yasca Mining Corp Offices,
Orbital, Station
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

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