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FCS guide to building a colony

The Federation Colonisation Service guide to creating a new colony.
Structures; Some buildings you may want to consider for starting your colony are in the following list. These may be temporary, mobile or even permanent (especially good option on smaller colonies).
  • Residential Pods
  • Modular Shelters - Temporary pre fabricated accommodation which are perfect on M Class planets. Can be relatively easy to add sections or should I say modules to it and as Mr Ford didn't say, this comes in any colour you want as long as it's Gray or beige.
  • Emergency Shelters - Designed to provide refuge for a large amount of people in emergency situations.
  • Mobile Home - Nicknamed "The Hovel" by some, but can be used by small groups of people for travelling around a planet.
  Hospital/Medical Facilities: You need to make sure this is one of the more secure and accessible parts of the colony. On the early days and maybe weeks, we would recommend using your ship until the medical facility is fully complete. Now depending on the size of your colony your medical facility could be a simple sickbay with 2 or 3 medical beds and a private room, to having waiting rooms, A&E, fully functional infirmaries, specialist units and facilities to study and diagnose new medical problems that will be found on strange new worlds.
Communication Hub: Very useful for communication within bigger colonies, but even if it is not, being colony is very useful, weather that is for talking to family, calling for help or even trading with the local friendly Ferengi.
Other things to consider: Farming and Irrigation.
Protection or Orbital Traffic Considerations:
Does your colony need protection? Even if it doesn't it may be worth having  something to monitor and possibly protect it from the weather and climate. 
May also be worth thinking about ways to monitor what is coming to and from your colony?p.
It is worth considering, Orbital Sensor Platforms which where used successfully on Prophet’s Landing.
Games ideas to keep morale up with minimal prep time:
  • Dom-jot
  • Electronic Darts
  • Shuffleboard
  • Kal-toh
  • Trid -Chess
There are only so much materials you can bring with you, so if you do want to mine your own materials for colony use, trade or even both here is are the basic steps:
  • Conduct survey.
  • Map out resources.
  • Assess safety and ease of extracting material compared to colonies need and availability of personal to complete the task.
  • Establish mining facilities.
  • Resource extraction.
  • Processing the materials.
  • Sell or produce relevant items of need for the colony.
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